When I sit down to write a pilot, I always set some very makable goals for myself.  For instance, I’ll set aside an entire weekend to complete the teaser, then give myself until Friday to complete the first two acts.  I’ll dedicate the next weekend to the third act, then the following weekdays to acts four and five.  I’ll take the weekend to review and – voila!  A first draft!  Of course, more often than not, I do get ahead of schedule, banking pages.  This doesn’t shorten the schedule but gives me the luxury of time on the back-end.  And it’s all made infinitely easier when I’m working off a very detailed outline that has already assumed much of the heavy narrative lifting.  So today, for instance, I started work on a new pilot.  I’ve gave myself the weekend to write the teaser but, thanks to the fairly comprehensive outline, I’ve already completed it and forged ahead, three scenes deep into Act 1.  I’m going to head down to the gym, do my evening run, then come back and finish one more scene that should put me at an impressive ten page count for the day and maybe fifteen on the weekend.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a pilot, but it’s like riding a bike – you never forget and before you know it, you’re zipping along until, maybe, the handlebars come off in your hands or you arrive at your destination only to discover it closed down last month and you made the trip for nothing.

Today’s Yes/No…

Yes, of course.

Circle the date, Stargate fans!  November 6th!

You know if this works out, I may just sub-contract my script-work to an A.I. so that I can devote more time to stock research.

I wonder how good they are at pitching?


4 thoughts on “September 24, 2021: Weekend Progress!

  1. Sounds like the rest of that pilot writing will be smoooooth sailing!

    I would think the Butterscotch Latte would be a sure thing. That reminds me though, it’s almost PSL season. Can I hold out until October? Stay tuned!

  2. Well here’s hoping the chain don’t break on your pilot bike… Or you have to stop and give someone a ride. Or your butt doesn’t go to sleep sitting on it too long. Or you get a flat tire, or you try to stop real fast and your brakes are so tight it throws you over the handlebars! (hey you started it!)

    In other words, good luck with the new pilot!!

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