Well, this is exciting.  Later this week, I’ll be joining Brad Wright on his The Companion podcast for a trip down Stargate memory lane. What long-buried remembrances will be unearthed?  What forgotten secrets revealed?  Got a question for either of us, head on over to the link and leave us a message…

Whew.  Busy day today writing, researching, studying, lunching, and blocking.  With regard to the latter, I average about 50 twitter accounts a day which puts my block list at well over 2k to date.  What gets you cleansed from my timelines?  Being rude, hypocritical, provoking, patronizing, holier than thou, insufferably demonstrably earnest, or a purveyor of specific annoying memes.  That’s it!

Today’s Yes/No…

My favorite boozy ice cream shop was closed today, so I ended up checking out the new gelato kid on the block.  Although its offerings are fewer and less inspired, they are prepared in a unique method akin to an espresso machine, one that sees staff insert specific capsule flavors into speciality machines that extrude chilled, ready-to-eat servings in seconds.  On the one hand, its a very eco-friendly process.  On the other hand, no boozy flavors.

Me: So, how much do those machines go for?

Owner: They’re not for sale.

Me: No, I’m not looking to buy.  I was just curious how much one of those machines run for.  Say, ballpark.

Owner: A lot.

Uh, okay.

16 thoughts on “August 23, 2021: Wrapping up my podcasting forays in fine style!

  1. Regarding The Companion app, they don’t accept PayPal as payment and my bank won’t approve overseas payments (i.e. the UK). That’s ridiculous! I’d pay for the content if they accepted something other than credit cards. Meh! They are indifferent to US customers.

    Thos cheesy potato disks sure look good!

  2. That podcast with Brad sounds like a must-listen! Can’t wait.

    That new gelato purveyor seems a bit taciturn. Ask him how much the flavour pods cost next time. That might draw him out! 🙂

    I’ve found that making “lists” on Twitter helps me narrow my timeline down to specific topics or preferred accounts I want to follow. It avoids the mess that is my main Twitter feed and I’m too lazy to do any housecleaning. Plus, lists don’t have the supremely annoying “feature” that the main feed does of randomly updating and landing you somewhere else on your feed just as you see something interesting you want to read.

  3. Can I ask how soon this week you’re doing the podcast? If you have multiple questions, are you supposed to record them in one submission or send them separately?

    1. We’ll be recording on Thursday. I would record them all in one submission.

  4. Sounds like a busy day.
    I’m curious about the blocking though … How can anyone be rude to you? I mean, you so nice. LOL

  5. I’ve been blocking/muting people “with wild abandon”. It’s usually the sycophants’ of either side, politically. I block anyone that’s cruel or obviously trolling. I’ve also reporting the terrible ones that harass or threaten people, too. Twitter needs to cull out the crazy.

    Speaking of which, I find it ironic that Cuomo’s sycophants excused everything he did but when he abandoned his dog… last straw. I pray his dog finds a new home that doesn’t include a sociopathic owner.

    Those potato disks look amazing!

    Solato? I’ll have to look it up!

    I hope everyone has a great day!

  6. Those ice cream machines sound like the ones we have here in the mobile ice cream vans.. 🙂

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