9 thoughts on “August 22, 2021: Suji Sunday!

  1. Suji is always so photogenic. She looks part koala to me. That tongue. <3

    @Tam Dixon Thank you. I really miss Cola. She was special in the best sense of the word. I had her since she was 6 weeks old. Someone found her starving near a dumpster at 5 weeks old. She must have been out there in the big, mean world for a while, as she had malnutrition hair — dry and tight. I thought she was a short haired orange and brown tortie, but she turned out to be a fluffy black cat who changed her “dress” dozens of times over her nearly 14 years. She could be a bit of a brat but she also had a sense of humour, with her wee black paw sneaking out of drawers that should have been impossible to get into, to grab her sister’s tail. The rest of my babies are hanging in there healthwise. Charlie seems to be okay now.

  2. Oh, they’re all adorable, especially the flower hat!

    The koala reminds me of Pinky from Noozles, and also a bit of Kowl from She-Ra.

  3. Suji not only looks good with flowers but also pink is fetching on her….not to mention her maroon sweater.

  4. No matter what her genetics are, Suji is purely adorable and so tolerant of your fashion displays. My cats would rip your face off for half of what Suji allows. My late Lhasa Apso seemed to enjoy dressing up for Halloween and seeing the kids. She was especially fond of hats and head gear in general. I even dressed her as a ladybug with antennas on a headband and she was perfectly fine with it. I miss the old girl. She was very special and a wonderful companion.

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