No doubt here.  Tomorrow, I’ll be running down the Top 3 cheese-inspired dog names in the categories of Hard Cheeses, Semi Hard Cheeses, Semi Soft Cheeses, and Soft Cheeses.

I am endlessly amazed by this business, the way certain projects disappear, sometimes for weeks or months from my radar, occasionally forever, while others pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, to take center stage.

Project F, that sci-fi/kpop hybrid is coming along nicely.  Production illustrator Henry Fong (Dark Matter, IT, The Boys, Cowboy Bebop) has delivered some exceptional artwork to accompany the pitch deck – Near Future Gangnam, Far Future Earth, character designs and, of course, The Citadel in all of its glory.  I’ll be doing one more pass on the overview and pilot before we start talking to some management companies in Seoul regarding talent.  I really, really, REALLY have my heart set on one of two groups whose musical stylings would be a perfect fit for this show – but we’ll have to wait for everyone to weigh in with their thoughts.

Waiting to close a deal on that pilot script as well as a couple of deal memos regarding my participation in a couple of other projects, both based on pre-existing materials (a web series and that epic comic book series).

Still waiting to hear back on our revised pitch for that classic sci-fi series.  In a perfect world, we get the green light to proceed to development and I’ll have to keep its identity a secret for a little while longer.  If, on the other hand, its a pass, I’ll let you all know the one that got away and we’ll be able to commiserate together.

Also, out of the blue, some promising developments on an original series I pitched.  This one is more cloak and dagger with, yes, some sci-fi elements and, best of all, a healthy dose of humor.  We’ve scheduled a zoom call for the week of September 6th so I can take the capo di tutti capi through my vision for the show.

I’m ten lessons into my Korean language course and I can already ask you out to dinner, order a couple of colas, and arrange a meeting at a department store.  By this time next year, I’ll be able to understand all of the lyrics to Dreamcatcher’s entire discography(!).

Today’s Yes/No…

Seems so obvious yet why I haven’t I seen them before?

6 thoughts on “August 24, 2021: Round and round the projects go! Which one will land, nobody knows!

  1. I’ve seen the donut waffles before. Have you seen when they put pizza or cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron? I watch a lot of cooking shows.

    Yay on Korean lessons! My son learns a few Japanese phrases from his anime.

    Good luck with all those projects you’re juggling!

    “Is this the son who has run San Francisco into the ground?” Sadly, that was a group effort.

  2. Surely one of your projects will get picked up. I would love to see another sci-fi series. There is nothing but junk on SyFy. It’s been ages since I’ve watched that channel and it used to be my favorite. Of course, my first choice would be for you to team up with Brad W. on another Stargate series. Good luck!

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