I will watch the most popular responses so that I can offer up my own equal divisive opinion.  So let’s hear ’em!

It’s hard to believe we’re deep into August and fall is almost upon us.  We’ve regained a certain degree of normalcy here in Toronto, but I wonder how things will progress once the temperature drops.  Hopefully the worst is behind us but, just in case, I urge you all to stock up…just in case.  Last I checked, there was still plenty of toilet paper at the local supermarket.

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And from the Stargate vault…

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12 thoughts on “August 21, 2021:  Last I checked, there was still plenty of toilet paper at the local supermarket!

  1. Thanks for the reminder. Last I checked, there was still plenty of toilet paper at my home … Think I’m good for the rest of the year … and beyond.

  2. I’m glad to hear there is plenty of toilet paper at the supermarket. Last year at the start of the pandemic, stores were running out of toilet paper and it was hard to find. After stores started getting back to normal I vowed to never get close to running out of toilet paper again. After several stops, I came home with about 91 rolls of the stuff! Yup.

    Well I’m down to my last 17 rolls so I’m going out this week to stock up again. Wish me luck!

    Here in Texas, Covid-19 is going in the wrong direction. Hospital ICU rooms are filling up. About a month and 1/2 ago, I felt so comfortable I went from my N95 mask to a regular mask. Heck I was even in Walmart and pulled it down below my nose some. But now I have gone back up to my N95 mask again. On the graphs, the new cases line is shooting straight up.

    1. Today’s San Antonio EXPRESS-NEWS had a column on smoking seasonings like black pepper, nuts, and butter. I would share the link, but it’s behind a pay wall.

  3. You might like to try “The Quiet Earth” from 1985. I think it was slightly divisive because people don’t agree what it was about (as I understand it, this was intentional).

  4. “What are the most divisive movies in recent memory?” The newer Ghostbuster movie was terrible! There was a lot of flack over that one. Apparently, it is misogynistic to call that movie out. So, be careful if you review it.

    We have dined inside at restaurants but I’m spoiled now. I like eating at our house, so we can put a movie on. We are seeing a few shortages of basic goods here but it’s not terrible yet.

    A little bit of uncertainty about tp paper might never go away. 🙁 Unless you’re Gforce and have a bidet. 😉

    All is good in my corner of the world. We never really went back to a complete normal. We’re vaxxed and I’m very confident in the vaccine’s effectiveness. So, we’ve been swimming (hubby & I) in the mornings at the YMCA. I believe there’s enough chlorine in that pool to kill any virus. 😉

    Have a wonderful Suji Sunday!

  5. Oh and very sorry about your kitties GLOWYZOEY!

    {{{Hugs}}} to JAYENKAI !

    I agree with Hilda about “How do you foresee your life one year from now?”
    “I foresee my life about the same here. As new variants come it will be the same old same old with a new name other than delta.”

  6. Thanks to streaming I tend to pause bad movies then forget to finish them. I’m going to vote for “Mother” or “The Mother,” I never saw it but the trailer was bad enough to stop me watching it.

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