Mom’s famed mussels and potatoes.  She used to do a version of this with artichokes too.  A whole to-do.


The occasionally spicy fried peppers.  You never know.  Mom always harkens back to that visit my face turned beet red eating one of these.


The crab mousse.  Another Mallozzi tradition.


Here’s the secret recipe.   Shhhhhhhhh.


Galic scapes.  We used to find these all the time at the Vancouver farmers markets.  Delicious.


Mom’s almond cake.


Sis’s birthday celebrations.  A stack o’ (ricotta, nutella, dulce de leche, pistachio, and nutella-stuffed) bombolone.


Boozing it up with Aperol and Prosecco.


Img_1066 Img_1067 Img_1068 Img_1069 Img_1070

Wings from Birdhouse, the new wing place my sister has been dying to check it out.  Flavors included Vampire Slayer, Caccio & Pepe, General Tao, Smoked Apple Habanero, and Hot & Honey IPA.


Mom making taralli to bring back to Akemi.


Out in the back.  The neighbor’s grossly unkempt yard leads me to assume he has either stopped caring or is, in fact, dead.


Kona and Ralphie.


Ivy, Andria, and Izzy.


Caramel and mom.



Tomorrow, I am homeward bound!

12 thoughts on “August 2, 2021: Montreal in Pictures, Part 2!

  1. Great pics! Food, your Mom and Sis, dogs, cats, the neighbour’s yard – this post has it all! Mom looks great (and still cooking up a storm) and a big happy birthday to Andria. I just had dinner but all those food pics has me hungry all over again.

  2. Awe, what great pictures! All the food looks delicious! Hard to tell what is from a restaurant and what is made by Chef Mom. Must be a real treat to be home again, see everyone, and celebrate Andria’s birthday. Enjoy the train ride back to Akemi and Suji.

    Thanks again for sharing your trip with us!!

  3. Amazing! Thanks for the recipe! All the food and family pictures are wonderful! Thank you, so much for sharing them with all of us.

    Any chance that your mom will do anymore cooking videos?

  4. Sounds like you’ve been well fed. 🙂
    Bring lots of snacks for your train ride home.

  5. Your mom is so cute.

    She is giving me full-on Italian mama, not all that different from my Sicilian mama.

    My mom’s traditional dishes are bruscialuna, referred to as braciole everywhere outside New Orleans, and mega-huge stuffed artichokes.

    I need to try to mend my relationship with her, even though it’s very painful. She’s nearing her mid-70s, so we need to make it count.

    By the way, I’ve been wanting to try Aperol forever.

    What’s it like?

    I truly miss Montréal so, so much. I spent most of my life obsessed with it, and then when I finally have a chance to partake, … Plague 2020™ destroys it.. only 65 miles away! 💔

  6. I had to look up taralli. What’s the texture like on those? Online recipe says they are boiled.

  7. Ack! Phone slipped. Second try:

    Lovely photos! Food, fun, family… looks like you had a wonderful time which must have felt long overdue. I’m so glad you were able to make this trip. Your amazing mum, Andria, and the beautiful critters appear to be happy and healthy.

    Godspeed on the return trip. The Delta variant is raging, so be careful. Catch you on the flip side!

  8. What are the chances of getting the almond cake recipe – it looks delicious!!
    pretty please?

  9. I want those wings! I’ve now made sushi about 3 times, with slight improvement each time. The first effort I would describe as dropped from a great height and inside out, I can’t get the hang of cutting the rolls. The flavor ranged wildly from almost sushi to “queasy.” I’ve gotten a tiny bit better but I need to watch more youtube videos to improve my sushi skills.

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