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Union Station


Good old Train 64.  Old – for sure.  Good?  Not so much.




Traveling by VIA Rail – would NOT recommend.

Finally, on the Montreal home front…

Sis, Kona, and Ralphie


10 thoughts on “July 30, 2021: Montreal-Bound!

  1. You and Andria and mama all look so much alike. Good to see everyone again! Glad to see your mama still cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Looks like (sounds like) it is time for some hearing aids… 🙂 I’m not making fun, I could use some too! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing! Please keep it coming! Enjoy your time home together.

  2. Sorry the train didn’t live up to expectations. At least if they give you the same seat on the return journey you’ll be facing the right way!

    The Doctor Who show runner job has just become available. If the BBC offered it to you would you take it?

  3. Hmm … VIA rail sounds poopy. And no service personnel on the train to complain to? No compensation?
    I’m having 2nd thought about doing that TransCanada VIA rail trip in the future then.
    At least at the end of the day, you get a family reunion.

  4. Your mum is still adorable! It is so good to see her and your sister looking happy and well! Sorry your trip getting there was such a bummer, though. At least you made it safely and you are finally face to face again. Getting and giving long awaited hugs is worth the discomfort.

    Have fun and try to stay safe! Keep us posted on happenings in Montreal and on the home front with Akemi and Suji.

    All the best to all of you!

  5. Your Sis and Mom look wonderful! Love your Sis’s hair cut and her flowers are gorgeous. The dogs looks happy. Your Mom’s smile says it all. She’s so happy to see you. Looks like Montreal is in good shape! Sorry the train was a bit disappointing but it was worth it to see your family.

    Oh, and I would appreciate more food porn. Your Mom always makes wonderful looking food.

  6. Who was taking the first few pictures of you in the station, did Akemi accompany you and play photographer? Or did you collar some random person!
    Have a nice trip / visit.

  7. Glad you could take a train home to visit your beautiful family! I love the train especially if I can get a sleeper with lots of space. I cant handle a 8 hour trip sleeping upright in a chair crowded in with my bags anymore from my student days, now I splurge for the room. That train station looks so familiar, I know it’s been lots of shows and movies but I think it’s Wonderfalls that’s in my memory.

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