6 thoughts on “July 31, 2021: The Montreal Updates – in pictures!

  1. Smoke Meat Pete and your mama’s food! Yummy!

    Your T-shirt smell keeps Suji calm? 😅

  2. All the food looks delicious!! I’ll take one of mom’s pizzas to go, along with a big slice of Friendship Cake and an even bigger slice of that to-die-for looking Almond Cake. Please tell your mom she has a lot of fans on your blog. Love it when you visit her.

    Poor Suji missing her daddy. At least her mommy is home to make sure she gets everything she demands. 🙂 How old is Ralphie now? Say hi to Andria!

    Thanks for all the pictures! Don’t stop. Please keep ’em coming.

  3. Such fun!

    Awwww… Sweet Suji (and Akemi, too, I’m sure) misses Daddy.

  4. Great to see your family enjoying their time together. The food looks yummy!

    Sweet Suji misses you. She only has one servant now. 😉

  5. That sandwich looks so good, that pepper sauce is like gold, treasure it. I’ve giving up on making it since I can’t find scotch bonnet peppers this far inland.

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