Montreal-bound tomorrow and I’ll be taking the scenic route, traveling via VIA Rail.  This will be my first train trip, but I imagine it’ll be something like this…

Screen-shot-2021-07-29-at-53928-pm Screen-shot-2021-07-29-at-54004-pm Screen-shot-2021-07-29-at-54024-pm

Or something close.


This will be the longest Akemi and I have been separated since…hell, I can’t even remember.  Also, it’s going to be weird sleeping without a dog on the bed.

News of note:

And just plain cool…

Today’s Yes/No…

7 thoughts on “July 29, 2021: Travel Plans!

  1. My experience on The Ocean was pretty much like that!

    I would definitely try the Thai tea s’more.

  2. Surely you rode trains in Japan ay some point? Although light rail or commuter trains are a good bit different than passenger rail. I like riding on trains, especially the clickety clack ones. One of my dreams is to do the transcontinental train ride across Canada. That’s right behind a European river and fjord cruise.

  3. Those train pictures … You wish … hahahaha
    Not in Canada. Not yet anyway. LOL

  4. A field trip! How exciting! We haven’t gone anywhere in a long time. Sorry Akemi and Suji can’t go too. It will be good to see you mama again! Lots of pictures please!

    Oh and, I’m sure your train ride will look EXACTLY like those pictures above!

  5. Also I meant to say, Akemi looks so pretty in that picture above. Like a movie star. Beautiful and classy, model-like and well-dressed. You two are a cute couple.

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