Tacos with Totoro’s Mei-chan…


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The Barbacoa.  The Pollo al Pastor.  And, for dessert, the Tres Leches (Campechano) 

We took a walk to work off lunch.  And then stopped to replenish our energy…


Dessert #2 – The Pancake Cereal Sundae (Butter Baker)

I crashed as soon as I got home.  Too much sun I suppose.

Tomorrow, I’ll be answering your burning questions…

Swing on by with your burning Stargate, Dark Matter, Utopia Fall, and taco-related questions!

Today’s Yes/No…

6 thoughts on “July 23, 2021: Well that’s a wrap on week 28!

  1. My dog has a question. I was packing a box of greasy bike parts to take to the Fed Ex. The dog jumped on a chair, looked at the box, looked at me, got on her hind legs and touched my arm with one paw, looked at the box with a light “ruff”, then leaned back on her hind legs while looking at me with her front paws hanging and panting with her tongue out. What would you advise her?

  2. Those tacos look really good and the desserts too. Watch that sun. You’ll have a heat stroke. Spend more time in restaurants and you’ll be fine.

  3. Akemi looks beautiful, as always. 🙂

    The tacos look yummy and that desserts are making me 😋.

    I had a hard lemonade recently and it was very tasty. So yes, on the limonada.

    I met up with friends last week and we had a blast. I splurged on a “bushwacker”. It’s similar to a chocolate milkshake with Kahlua and rum. I ate more that week, than I have in a month at home. So, it’s back to the normal routine again.

    Still, being with gluten free people for a week gave me a taste for some of the new rice cakes and trying other new products. Rice cakes have improved tons since the last time I tried them (30 yrs ago). Also, did you know they make a cheese wrap (similar to a tortilla) ? If you’re lucky, you learn something new every day. 😉

    Did you book your train trip? It would be great to see your Mom and Sis again.

    Memphis has a train hub and I’ve been considering a short trip to New Orleans or a longer trip to visit a friend in Santa Fe. We researched prices and for a sleeper car, it’s more expensive than flying and takes a couple of days (at least for the Santa Fe trip).

  4. Forgot to tell you that I’ve had some success with THC for sleep. So, if Canada lets you buy that stuff, it would be something for you to try for insomnia. I’ll try to stop bugging you now. I hope you both have a wonderful weekend!

    Oh and has anyone heard from Drea? I hope she’s alright.

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