That should read “last C-Drama she watched”.

Today’s Yes/No…

Gotta admit, I’m not averse to pickle and dill-flavored sweets.  There was a neighborhood pop-up that was offering a pickle soft serve last summer.  I was meaning to try it out but just never got around to doing so.

Thinking of going to Montreal for a few days to visit mom and sis now that everyone is vaxxed up.  Considering actually going by train.

Don’t ever recall traveling by train before.  Wonder what it will be like.





12 thoughts on “July 22, 2021: Pushing my luck! Down for dill! Travel by train!

  1. Hmm … My travels on trains have mostly been comfortable. These days train travels haven’t picked up yet, so not as crowded. Better go soon before the crowd returns. (The craziness at airports have returned.)

  2. In my experience between Montreal and Toronto two years ago almost now (Yikes!) it was much more like your expectation! Loved it, and I think I mentioned I really want to do a cross-country trip next time, getting a cabin between Moncton/Montreal and Toronto/Vancouver. Hopefully, late in the Fall? Who knows?

  3. I took the train from Montreal to Toronto when I visited in 2019, it was actually a lot like your expectation gif.

  4. So, I understand what my last name has to do with it. Saw on Facebook that a couple people were going to be on to talk about future prospects.

  5. I’ve always wanted to take a train trip. I hope it works out well for you.

    Yay on being vaxxed!

    No to dill candy.

    Kill you in your sleep? Has she upped your life insurance?

  6. Try the train Joe. First class will get you a nice meal and wine. I love the train.. it’s a very civilized way to travel.

  7. I do like pickles. I would try pickle gummies, especially if they were no sugar ones.

    I’ve traveled by train in Australia and the US. It’s quite relaxing.I’ve never tested the sleeper cabins, just slept in my seat, but like a plane that way.

    At least there should be social distancing.

    Cheers Chev

  8. Never heard of “C-Drama” before. TIL.

    I don’t like dill or pickles so I’m a strong “No” on that one.

    I used to travel by train between Chippenham and London occasionally and it was more like the first picture. Upon my return to Australia my pre-pandemic commute was more like the second picture. I think long distance train travel is fine as it often has allocated seating. But metro rail is depressing!

  9. While I love Kosher dill pickles, I suspect it has more to do with the garlic in them rather than the dill because I hate dill as a spice. No, thank you, to the gummies.

    As for visiting your mum, I would still hold off. There are increasing numbers of breakthrough delta variant infections among vaccinated individuals. Even though the Pfizer does a decent job against the delta variant, cases are rising rapidly meaning that your risk of exposure is greater. Plus, the delta is much more contagious due to its typically very high viral load. It’s not worth risking your mum’s health in my opinion.

    Akemi is endlessly entertaining. I have never met her, but if I did, I already know that I would adore her for so many reasons.

  10. Best as I can tell from Google Maps, it looks to be about a 5-1/2 hour train ride from Toronto to Montreal. I’ve traveled by train in Chile, Italy, and Morocco. All three times were in the 4 hour range and were very enjoyable. Unfortunately, last years Chunnel plans were dashed against the rocky shores of COVID, but the plan is for that to occur next April.

    I’d do the trip just to do something different. Here in the States, we’ve trashed our train system and down in Florida we’re even pulling up the tracks to make walking/running/bike trails which are very popular and it’s hard to argue against people getting more exercise. There is some interest in reviving rail travel and new high speed lines are being put in between major cities in Florida. Stay posted for updates throughout the coming years.

  11. We have reservations for a couple of days in Montreal coming up – undecided if we will cancel or go for it.
    We are fully vaccinated but still a bit anxious about going out into the world again…. not sure if it’s real fear or just that we have been keeping to ourselves for 18 months. I feel it’s time we screwed up our courage.
    We will be travelling by car – just 2 hours for us – and maybe taking the bikes.

  12. I would love to ride a train. Never have before. This pandemic has me making a bucket list. Things to do when it is safe again. Train travel, spending a summer in a beach house… I better get a list started.

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