Spoiler alert, Stargate fans!

News of note:


Today’s Yes/No…

So, weekend plans?

5 thoughts on “June 25, 2021: Closing out the week!

  1. “Horrifying Stories of Pets Eating Their Owners” – next up from The Dodo!

    Re: the UFO report: In other words, nothing new. What I would like to know is if these things are real, in a world where practically everyone has a high-resolution 4K video camera with them at all times why are these videos always so completely blurry? TWIST: They’re actually flown by Bigfoot.

    Tomorrow is my second vax!

  2. “So, weekend plans?”

    Lunch with my sister, pick up groceries, attend a yarnworkers’ social, take the trash out, etc.

    I’ll be lucky to accomplish two of the four, judging from recent experience.

  3. I’ve put in an automatic feeder for my cat. That should buy me a few days so someone can find my body “before” I’m eaten. 🙂

  4. Hahaha — loved the “message in the cosmic microwave background radiation” — my husband worked at Bell Labs way back in the way back and attended a talk by Arno Penzias on his and Robert Woodrow Wilson’s discovery. Bell Labs was quite the heady place back then, don’t know about now.

    I would definitely have a bite of that Tokyo Teriyaki Tower.

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