4 thoughts on “May 30, 2021: Suji Sunday!

  1. Suji – so adorably feisty and vocal as always. xo Hard to believe sometimes she’s already 16
    and still so full of personality n life. She has certainly surprised me.
    May this alpha queen continue to survive n thrive n reign beautifully supreme for years to come.

    On a side note, Some of you have emailed me to correct and question some of the things I mentioned about Amazons plans for MGM going forward. Yep. Told ya i was terribly over tired and probably not explaining it properly.

    No, Amazon will not ‘dictate’ the creative end of new productions coming out of MGM, – just the budget and what it does and does not give a green light to. But there is a very strong likelihood its new outline includes wording that will force MGM to change the over all feel and casting and sets, with any new series selections, to primarily draw in the younger population. The difference will be like Star trek Discovery, vs Star Trek Picard. Both are ‘in cannon’ – but Discovery is a re-imagining example with a cast, story, and over all bible aimed at primarily drawing in the younger generations and attitudes, on a much lower budget, while ST Picard sticks closer to the original vest in its casting, story, look and over all feel. My point is simply that SG1 and SGA were perfect ‘as is. It was, and still is, able to draw in young and old alike. No tweaking or re-imagining necessary to draw in enough viewers of all ages to be profitable.
    And even though there is no getting around the fact that any new MGM productions will need to be created on a much lower budget to turn its heavy debt around, – Best to leave it in the competent hands of Brad Wright who knows how to work within a tighter budget and still make a high quality in cannon SG production, with compelling characters, beloved by all ages and both existing and new fans. He will do everything and anything within his power to absolutely protect and fully respect the original bible.

    Also, I should not have said “Amazon” streaming entertainment subscribers are primarily the younger generation. This is not correct.
    What I meant to say is the majority of streaming entertainment subscribers ‘across all entertainment companies worldwide’ are primarily made up of the younger generations. Thus, Jeff Blackburn will heavily seek to capitalize on that because Amazon has been getting its U.S entertainment division financial ass whooped and handed to them by the likes of Apple TV originals and other streaming entertainment brands.

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