The Greatest Batman Villain (60’s t.v. series edition!) Tournament moves on to The Elite Eight! Cast your votes in the Regional Finals below!

Today’s Yes/No…

I honestly thought this was a parody account.  It’s isn’t (!)

More from the Stargate vault…


3 thoughts on “May 29, 2021: The Elite Eight!

  1. Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar – I mean, there is literally no competition for these two.

    Yes, on the Matcha Butter Cups.

  2. I hated that Riddler and I hated that Joker! Evil, evil, evil! Julie Newmar as Catwoman was pretty bad too. Pretty and bad!

  3. I like both cat ladies. I’m very glad the show stuck by Eartha Kitt. Eartha had a great purr.

    No on anything Matcha.

    Yes, it’s becoming difficult to distinguish parody accounts. Twitter universe has become insane these last few years. It’s becoming more of a place for people to bitch at each other. I try to stay above it but have been guilty in the past of being sucked in. On the bright side, I’ve found a few great animal memes/pic accounts. They are my refuge on that crazy site.

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