Alas, such is the business.

Hey, #DarkMatter fans – in less than 2 hours we reconvene to discuss one of my favorite episodes.  And we’ll be joined by director, stunt coordinator John Stead…

The Batman’s Greatest Villain Tournament (1960’s T.V. Edition!) is down to the Final Four! Head on over and vote!

And today’s Yes/No…

A respectful NO from me.

3 thoughts on “May 31, 2021: Dark Matter, Batman, and A Bridge Too Far!

  1. I’ll never understand the unprofessionalism that seems so rampant in the industry.

    So basically that banana thing is a banana dipped in banana bread covered in chocolate? If so a big solid yes from me! I could use one right now, tbh.

  2. Yes/No – You were greatly outnumbered on this one. You’ll eat animal and fish innards and other gross parts but not a fried banana… dipped in chocolate? What’s the matter with you? 🙂 🙂

  3. I don’t understand the “unresponsiveness” of decision makers in your industry.

    DM Season 3 is my favorite season. 304, 309 and 310 are my favorite episodes!

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