Your mileage may vary…8


10. Mafia in the Morning – Itzy

Doesn’t land as strongly for me as Wannabe or Not Shy, but solid nevertheless. And these ladies can dance!
9. We Do – Super M
A catchy disco foray.
8. 5K – Lee Jin-Hyuk
To be honest, this song really grew on me.
7. Save U – Kang Daniel
The entire album, Yellow, is great.

6. Headline – ABSIX

Close is the track that is getting all the attention, but this is my favorite off their latest EP.


5. Loved You – Bae173
A really solid track.
4. Misunderstood – Kang Daniel
I could’ve gone with Antidote, another great song off the new album that is getting a lot of play, but opted for Misunderstood which I think deserves a little more love.

3. I Just – eAeon

A beautiful song off a wonderful album by a grossly underappreciated artist.


2. Oasis – 2Z
One of South Korean’s best rock bands delivers yet again.
1. Drunk-Dazed – Enhypen
An awesome surprise off their second album which also includes gems like The Invitation and Mixed Up.

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  1. If you don’t hear from me ever again, I might have been hit by a crashing Chinese rocket from outer space. That has been my luck lately.

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