Thanks to everyone who offered up instances of their experience with rude and/or embarrassing behavior at meetings.  This could all be fodder for a new series.  Keep ’em coming!

Today was our most Japanese day in recent memory.  After lunch, Akemi and I took a walk to our local Japanese convenience store and picked up (No, not that ninja plate I’ve been eyeing for months) but rice crackers, noodles, and assorted pocky sticks.  Before that, however, we strolled through Trinity Bellwood Park so that Akemi could take in the cherry blossoms.  Natsukashii!

Pxl_20210430_161046038portrait Pxl_20210430_161027162 Pxl_20210430_161002279 Pxl_20210430_160933577 Pxl_20210430_160916552 Pxl_20210430_160812278portrait Pxl_20210430_155949772portrait

Then we had a very special Kyoto-style dinner courtesy of Chef Jon Klip.

Pxl_20210430_211517113portrait Pxl_20210430_211527702portrait


Tonight, we’ll have some tea and turn in only, but only after our evening shower – as is the Japanese way.

Tomorrow, it’s back to Western tradition: fried chicken, Farm Boy, and maybe an afternoon nap.

5 thoughts on “April 30, 2021: Our most Japanese day yet!

  1. You should have bought that ninja plate for your picture with cherry blossom. Even more Japanese! LOL

  2. Joe, you look like someone from Mortal Kombat in the 2nd photo down, with the gloved hands and mask!

  3. Gosh, I miss being somewhere the cherry blossoms bloom. The scene of the abundant pink pedals flowing from the trees and littering the pathway as one leisurely strolls passed them has always felt so magical, to me. Thanks so much for sharing the sweet pics with us. Hope it was a relaxing, mentally healing, day for both of you.

    As difficult as the last year has been for all of us, and even as exhausting my own struggle has been these last couple months, I cannot help but feel much more saddened by and frightened for what the people of India are experiencing right at this very moment as i type this.
    The double mutant variant (in addition to P1 & B135) circulating in their country is so bad, that far too many people are now dying while standing in long lines on the sidewalks and streets in front of the hospitals, or sitting in their vehicles, waiting for enough floor and hallway space to free up inside the buildings just to be allowed in the front door, even in the most affluent cities. The latest virus wave is spreading so fast and attacking each victims body so rapidly and aggressively most people contracting it are becoming seriously ill within a couple days. As of today May 1st, Indian health officials are now confirming 400,000+ newly infected victims per day. This is up+ by more than 15 thousand people per day from only one week ago! Unfortunately, the majority of virology and epidimeology experts agaree that based on population size and current vaccine shortage it’s only going to get worse before they are able to get a handle on it. It is, by far, worse than anything we’ve witnessed any other country go through in the last 15+ months. All allied major countries have now pledged as much aid and support as they possibly can but it’s still not enough. All we can do for them now is pray.

    Many prayers, as well, to Akemi’s family and everyone in Tokyo and Osaka who have had to not only endure a 6.8 earthquake earlier today but also a significant increase in new Covid 19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

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