Check out this beautiful DM Silhouette poster compliments of Nicolas Bannister, created for super fan Chris Kwak.  If I were ever to do a Dark Matter comic book, he’s the only artist I would do it with.

Man, social media grows increasingly tiresome.  I’d drop facebook if not for the fact that doing so would prevent me from updating Suji’s page.  Otherwise, my facebook timeline is as devoid of updates as my linkedin.  I’d add instagram as well but the only thing keeping it going are the photos and videos Akemi sends to my account that I can add to my Story with the simple click of a button.  Anything beyond that simple button click and my account would be fairly devoid of content.  Twitter, on the other hand, is the one platform on which I remain pretty active – but spend much of my time there muting or blocking annoying accounts.  It’s almost breathtaking the degree to which individuals on both sides of the political spectrum seek out offense.  To wit, here are to examples.  First up, there’s Dandelion Gate…

Next up, there’s…well, this…

I mean, holy shit.  The fact that this group was incapable or, frankly, unwilling contextualize this poor guy’s actions is utterly mind-blowing.  Also, I’m willing to bet that most of these former contestants didn’t place in the money.

Today’s Yes/No…

As someone who would top their ube cake and vanilla ice cream with eggnog liqueur, I”m sure you know how I stand on the issue.

8 thoughts on “May 1, 2021: Nonsense and such!

  1. The DM Silhouette poster is excellent. Very well done. As for social media… I’m with you. I’m about to close my LinkedIn account – I’m retired, why bother. I have a Facebook page for family members and another for friends. I keep them because that’s the only way I can keep in touch with my grandchildren and some of my friends. I can’t remember the last time I posted on either. I like Instagram because I only follow animal, space, science and national/state parks. The photographs are awesome. I used to post but got bored. As for Twitter, I use it to get alerts/updates on tornadoes and hurricanes. Plus, I keep up with you, NASA, Christopher Mellon and a few others. The political stuff is tiresome and I don’t give it any time. Take care. Love reading your daily posts even though I don’t respond regularly.

  2. That Dark Matter Silhouette poster is very cool!

    I think you should set up an account for Suji all by herself on Twitter. Some other dogs are pulling in big follower numbers:

    Nessa + Macie Doodle = 27K followers
    Malcolm the Cat = 20K
    Rex the TV terrier = 28K
    Bertie Lakeland = 36K
    The Golden Ratio = a whopping 130K followers

    All of these Twitter stars have unique and very cute characteristics. I just described Suji!

      1. Oh. Well, if you decide to go with Twitter, create Suji’s account, then let all her IG followers know to go follow her on Twitter too. She’ll pop in with big numbers right from the start. I’ll be one of them…

        Also, everyone on Twitter (who has lots of followers) has to block stupid people every now and then. They mention how rude some are. Why can’t people just get along?

  3. Wonderful poster!

    My FB is packed with weirdos like myself, a few family members, some Navy moms who are cool, a handful of old friends, and more weirdos. I spend most of my time on Reddit, another experience which must be carefully curated. I’m even a mod on r/widowers, and some days that’s fairly heavy.

  4. There is a Canadian account on Twitter that I love. I’ve even gotten myself a Bunsen stuffed toy. You should make one for Suji. People could buy it and you could donate the proceeds to your favorite Pug Rescue. @bunsenbernerbmd I follow Suji on Instagram. I follow a lot of dogs and a few cat Twitter feeds. But Bunsen & Beaker is my favorite.

  5. One more thing then I will get off this post. 🙂 Looking at what PBMom wrote about buying things on Twitter, Rex the TV terrier sells merchandise with his cute mug on it. On Twitter he uses Zazzle. He has a “pinned tweet” with a link to the store. I have bought masks with his picture on them. All profits his parents donate to animal charities. His parents are very generous. Suji could sell merchandise too on Twitter and Zazzle. (Akemi makes cute pug jewelry).

  6. I would try boozy ice cream but I’d lean more towards a boozy drizzle over regular ice cream.

    The cherry tree pictures from yesterday were so beautiful! Our cherry trees have finished blooming. If I ever have a large amount of land, I’m planting cherry trees along the driveway. They always give me a smile.

    On the bright side, my dogwood tree is still blooming.

    We have a round of storms coming our way. So, yesterday I spend the day getting our yard prepped (mowing, edging and such). Sadly, storms mean our local YMCA will close the pool. 🙁 I go a little stir crazy if I have to go without a swim.

    Maybe, you need a break from SM. I’ve been guilty of going down the rabbit hole myself. That’s when I know to back away for a while. There a good people/accounts to follow but you have to look for them. It’s like a few million voices screaming for attention.

    Any luck getting an appointment for the shot?

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