Akemi’s artwork featuring many of the pugs she follows on instagram.  Trying to convince to do a book.

Okay.  I’ve limited myself to two desserts a day (not including chocolate which, of course, can be enjoyed freely throughout) and I already feel more energetic.  I don’t believe I’ve lost any weight yet, but I only started this morning.  Will let you all know how it goes.

Later today, Stargate fans!  I join David Read to discuss SG-1’s 9th season…


Alrighty.  I’ve finished showing you all of the concept art from SG-1’s first season.  Now, we move on to season 2.  Can you identify the episodes?

Img_3191 Img_3192 Img_3193 Img_3195 Img_3196 Img_3197 Sg1_1ep2_4 Sg1_2ep2_4b Sg1_3ep2_4 Sg1_4ep2_4 Sg1_5ep2_4b Sg1_6ep2_4b Sg1_7ep2_4b Sg1_8ep2_4b Sg1_10ep2_4b Sg1_11ep2_4 Sg1_11ep2_4b

6 thoughts on “April 24, 2021: Pug art and Stargate. What more do you want?

  1. yeah I know what you mean. I haven’t lost weight yet either on my diet. But I start tomorrow so there is still hope.

    Akemi’s art is fantastic! Write a story to go along with it. Come on. No guts no glory.

  2. Definitely agree with the Akemi book. I was on the YouTube Live interview today. I was 15 minutes late though so sorry about that. Enjoyed it though.

  3. Thanks so much to everyone who have been pitching in with med fund $, RT’s
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  4. Akemi’s art is adorable! With your writing and her artwork, why not do a pug comic series? Even if it starts as a limited run, charity fund raiser for your favorite rescue, I’m sure your fans would buy. Look at the titles that sell… anything you would produce would be equal to or better than what’s out there.

    Thanks so much for the high quality concept art scans from “Prisoners” and “The Gamekeeper”. I never get weary of seeing concept compared to production. What talented people it took to crank out such high quality week after week for twenty seasons! From sets to costumes to props, it all looked so great on screen. And vfx was incredible, too!

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