12 thoughts on “April 23, 2021: Meanwhile on the home front…

  1. If it smells bad, chances are it will taste bad too. Don’t even try it, I say.

    Suji’s reaction to eating cheesecake was predictable. She’s a good girl.

    @Drea – What do you mean you don’t mind if Old Yeller is dead?! What kind of governor would an old dead dog make? Have mercy! lol !!!

    It was a hard decision between Steve Martin and Tommy Lee Jones. Do I want a no-nonsense kick ass governor or a light hearted funny one. I decided on kick ass. Everyone’s ass!

    1. @Ponytail,
      Geez! Isn’t it bad enough we constantly see headlines
      in the news about discrimination and hate against Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and Muslims.
      Now ya got go start a cancel movement against Ghost Dogs!
      Oy veh! What’d dead dogs ever do to you????!!!!!

      So what’s next, eh??!
      Ya gonna tell me if Sophia was granted Texas residency
      you wouldn’t vote for her either just because she’s technically an android!

      I’m thinking all dogs need to RISE UP!! (from their naps) and take to the streets right now!
      We cannot let this kinda oppression and hate stand!!

  2. Jealous how delicious that cheese cake looks. Especially considering my stomach and liver have forced me to make cherry jello my only new go-to comfort treat at the moment.

    Okay, sorry gang. I goofed. Y’all asked for an update. So i finally composed and pasted it around 1 am under Thursday’s blog entry, not realizing I fell asleep with the browser open an had forgot to hit send/post. Shortly before 11 am Friday, when i finally noticed my error, i clicked post – only to realize shortly there after that i was completely forgetting Joe likely wouldn’t see it and approve it until he returned to the blog in the evening to post the next day’s entry.

    So here it is in the link below.
    Hoping some of you might want to work on a simple awesomely fun distraction project over the summer. months to help me get thru 1st round chemo. Basic details are at the bottom of the update.

    I’ve also started a new fundraiser to help with the next stage of medical expenses.
    The link for it is within the mid body of the update. Hope everyone will pitch in what they can and RT. because all co pays have to paid upfront with each visit. So this med fund link will need to stay up and active for a while.


    With multiple posts from multiple individuals mentioning various cancers yesterday
    I’m thinking might be appropriate to retitle April 22nd’s blog post to
    “Choose Your Carcenoma”, yes?/no?.

    Warmest soothing virtual hugs, love and healing thoughts to @Jayenkai today. XO

  3. Oh my, Joe had that Thanos look when he saw that half a cheesecake. This is why one must always get the biggest cheesecake possible. Costco knows this, they add an inch to their cheesecakes once a year. I’m doing a less carby version with a graham cracker square, Philly cream cheese with strawberry slices on top, even better with fresh raspberries. Happy Birthday week to Akemi! Now off to celebrate some more by re-watching Shadow and Bone and all it’s steampunk goodness.

  4. I love cheesecake! Remember those recipes from JeffW for his cheesecakes? I still make them but now I’m doing smaller versions in the instantpot.

    There’s no way my hubby would drink that. I did get him to swim with me in the mornings. So, that’s how I’m trying to make him healthy.

    Charlie finished another chemo yesterday. Three more to go! I’m waiting to see if they need to rush him into the hospital for platelets again. As a parent, this would be a nightmare scenario.
    The cancer hasn’t spread, so chances of a full recovery are good after his chemo is finished. I’m still praying for the day when we can give a vaccine to prevent or treat cancer.

    {{{Hugs}}} Drea!

    I hope everyone has a good weekend!

  5. Oh, sorry but I have a P.S. Did anyone get hit with the Qnap ransomware attack? We did and lost all our photos/videos/pictures. I think we have a backup but what a pain to deal with. Hubby is having to re-install everything on the NAS. What’s really bad is the businesses that got targeted. Stupid hackers! Businesses are trying to recover from the epidemic and now this hit. https://thehackernews.com/2021/04/new-qnap-nas-flaws-exploited-in-recent.html

    1. Oh my! I’m so sorry to hear this. I need to back up my computer. I have Dropbox but I need to back it up to a Seagate, too.

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