My attempts to secure the first dose of a vaccine have proven fruitless.  I’ve checked out two different sites offering appointments at a few of the clinics in the area.  One helpfully informs me that there are no appointment slots available.  The other unhelpfully doesn’t even offer me the opportunity to proceed past the “choose appointment date” stage, as if the site just up and called it a day.  Annoying but whatever.  I have no trips planned and, even if I did, it’s unlikely I’d get to take them given the current climate.  Canada’s vaccine roll-out lags because of inept leadership but, on the positive side, our prime minister is downright dreamy in the eye of many global citizens.  Also, the alternate to this inept poseur doesn’t bear thinking about.

On the other hand, it’s nice to see our southern neighbors making significant progress.  Over 25% of the U.S. population has been fully vaccinated.  Subtract the 25% of the population that won’t get vaccinated, then subtract 3.5% of the remainder who will get their first shot but skip the second and, by my calculations, herd immunity should be achieved approximately never.

On the bright side, real estate and the stock market are on fire.  Granted, the global economy is in the toilet, but so what if you can garner a 300% return investing in dogecoin?

Well, looks like we’re going to alter our strategy on TimEscape and target the international market – which, to be perfectly honest, makes the most sense.  The prospective series didn’t gain any initial traction in the U.S., a market glutted with dark and dystopian sci-fi tat executives absolutely love but to which most viewers are ambivalent.  The overseas market has, interestingly, always been more in tune with the type of science fiction television that resonates with fans, more hopeful with heart as opposed to 10 million dollar an episode bleak-fests.  I’ll never forget how actor Chris Judge used to be pursued through the streets of Paris to calls of “Monsieur Teal’c!  Monsieur Teal’c!” while, on the other hand, t.v. executives in L.A. would ask: “Stargate?  Did that air in the U.S.?”

Actor Tommy Lee Jones continued his dark horse run, upsetting Dan Rather and advancing to the finals where he’ll face comedian Steve Martin who outlasted favorite Jensen Ackles.  Head on over and cast your ballot for the next Governor of Texas!



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  1. Hope you can get vaccinated soon. It’s such a crazy time in the world. Rewatching my fave episodes of Dark Matter brings some joy, so know you are making a difference for some.

  2. The vaccine is almost non-existent here in Australia. Only essential workers and exceptionally vulnerable are getting it at the moment. Thankfully the virus is also almost non-existent here.

    At least your Prime Minister is liked by foreigners. Our Prime Minister is universally derided as incompetent and odious.

  3. Yes, Canada is lagging seriously behind the US. 280 million vaccines given in US verses about 2 million vaccines in Canada. That’s pretty bad. And really surprising. But we have two political parties that are so polar opposite, it is driving the vaccine push. Republicans think there is no problem, no masks needed, and have a get-the-vaccine-if-you-want-it-you-sissy attitude. And the Democrats are pro vaccine, pro mask, pro wash your dirty hands, pro get out of my face and keep your freaking distance! Your very handsome prime minister Justin Trudeau needs a Trump-like nemesis. Then maybe he would step-up his game.

    I love both those finalists for Texas governor. It looks neck and neck. Maybe one could be Governor and the other Vice-Governor?

    If TimEscape was picked up internationally, does that mean you would have to move overseas in order to Produce, etc? A lot of shows in the US come from international ones…

    1. @ Ponytail … Canada is lagging behind on vaccine mainly due to supply chain issue. Sadly, we don’t make our own. But so far the vaccines already administered in Canada is over 10 million, not just 2 million. So, around 25% of Canadian eligible adult population got at least 1 dose. US is up to around 40% of population I think. Additionally, US also probably has large amount of herd immunity developed from its 1st and 2nd waves …

  4. Oh and I got my 2nd dose Pfiizer vaccine yesterday. Absolutely no problems at all, except a minor sore arm. I was never much of a hugger, but I may start being one after this pandemic thing is over.

  5. I got my second jab yesterday. One of the positives of having a brain tumour and all the aftermath is that the physical holes in your skull give you priority status! Woot!!
    Hope you can get yours soon.
    distant ascii hugs

  6. Yes, disliking both political parties is what made me into an Independent voter. The media drives public perception here. We’re told who to hate by each politically driven media outlet without getting the full story. I’ve found both sides have positives and negatives. I live in a Republican controlled area but our vaccination rates are high. Our mask mandates are gone but I see nearly everyone wearing them. Yet the media keeps this narrative going of hate to increase ratings. We’re supposed to despise anyone from the opposing party. I’ve found crazies on both sides.

    So in Canada, what do you think the problem is? Did Trudeau not back the right companies or fail to order enough vaccines while it was being developed? Trump was an asshole but he seem to have listened to the correct experts on which vaccine to back/order. Biden seems to be good at continuing the vaccine roll out, as well.

    1. Me too. I’ve been an independent voter for most of my adult life. Here, too, about our vaccination rate which seems to be pretty high. I see about 75-80% of people wearing masks but granted I don’t go out much still. I usually am only going to CVS to pick up stuff. We’re still doing curbside groceries and still haven’t tried eating out yet. We took our first “stranger meet-up” Wednesday night which was with the new astronomy club we joined so we could get some help with our star-gazing through my new telescope I got for Christmas. We went to the roof level of a local hospital. We wore masks and a few others weren’t but that was okay; we were outside which helped. We tried to keep our distance while getting some questions answered and some explanations of what they were doing there, which was amazing stuff. I posted a picture on my Facebook page if you want to look. I’ve stopped watching the news for the most part (except when I had to during our freeze, etc.) and it has done wonderful things for my blood pressure.

  7. I got the pfizer shot relatively easily, and I’m in stubborn red state. It’s full of Mormons though and they’re odd, perhaps a different shade of red. Anyway, once they opened up the local event center for vaccinations, it was simple, and I only live minutes away.

    I hope Canada can get their act together. I hope the whole freaking world can. I want to go places. I have already missed a trips to Boston, Vancouver, Vegas, Maui, and Burning Man. Boo.

  8. Courage, the vax process is very wait and hurry up, takes forever to get on the list then in a flurry you’re rushed through getting an appt and the vax. Hope you can get the vax soon, because in another 6 months to a year we’ll all be grumbling about getting appointments for the booster shot, hopefully this will normalize so you’re getting vax same time as you get a routine doc visit.

  9. Sounds like Toronto is going thru what we initially experienced here in this Orlando virus hot zone zipcode
    when Fl gov first began it’s expanded vax eligibility roll out.
    Took a few weeks but appointment booking/availabilty problems are now resolved here though.
    Yep. Can definitely be extremely frustrating.
    Sending warmest virtual comfort hugs and pistachio treat thoughts your way.
    A nice long walk down to Nugateau to pick up a pre submitted order might do ya some good.

    Okay, migraine episodes are mercifully quiet for the moment.
    Hoping @TamDixon’s have eased up as well. xo
    Also, sending mucho hugs n love @Ponytail today n always
    just b’cuz and then again…..
    I’m still bummed about Old Yeller not making the finals.
    I really don’t mind if he’s dead.
    He’d still make for a better governor than Martin or Jones.

    Update Time:
    Second dose of Pfizer had to be rescheduled to May 3rd, due to conflicting medical appointments.
    Got my final cancer diagnostics completed.
    ILC is fortunately still within stage 2.
    This means I’ve still an excellent shot at beating it
    if i can begin surgery and treatments sooner rather than later.
    And y’all know I’m not a quitter.
    So am gonna fight, best i can muster,
    and plan to win this battle.

    The bad news is I am still uninsured.
    ILC is nothing like the tamer slow growth ductal mass
    i had to deal with last time
    and won’t wait on bureaucratic red tape
    and slower than molasses responses to resource applications.
    I’ve been able to secure some steady paying local work outside the home
    since my last update but it’s only part time, two days per week, thus far.
    Even with the additional income I’m getting from ed consulting work online from home
    it’s not enough to cover sufficient public market place insurance coverage.

    Dont have much physical or mental energy these days.
    I’m sure much of the drain is because I hardly sleep anymore
    unless my body involuntarily passes out from exhaustion because I’m under constant stress
    trying to draw in more income and resource assistance.
    Last couple months have put me through more unpredictable changes
    than i usually experience over several years.
    But I’m still plugging away at the situation.
    Quicky naps during the day have become my small slice of paradise
    and last i checked, think?? am still breathing one breath at a time. ????

    In the meantime I’ve posted another GFM to help with upfront co-pays for increased medical visits.
    Doctors are now working weekly on building up my immune system prior to the 1st surgery
    and hope to also have the lingering liver and stomach infections completely eradicated by then, as well.

    You’ve all been so wonderful over the last seven weeks.
    Just knowing I’m not having to go thru this dark scary journey completely alone
    means more to me than you may ever know.
    I love you all more than words could ever express. XO
    Your continued kindness, generous support, warmth, and abundant humanity
    help give me the necessary added strength and reason to keep fighting.


    RT’s to help raise as much as possible this time around are definitely appreciated.
    I’m asking everyone who can contribute to please just pledge a small easily comfortable amount
    per month rather than dump a large chunk of their future vacation fund.
    I’d feel awful if i found out anyone was deprived of a much needed get away
    once this pandemic is under better control.
    On the other hand .. if you just won a lotto jackpot,
    or made a huge quick killing on a squeezed stock,
    feel free to dump away. I can certainly use the help.

    Also have Venmo. User name: Drea Crysel.
    Albeit, having recurring technical difficulties accessing it on pc
    and am no good at trying to type on the tiny keyboard on my phone,
    so it may take a while for me to receive and acknowledge any friend requests
    or medical support sent there.

    On a happier note:
    Thought of the perfect comedic virtual tribute theme
    for Joe’s 15th Blogiversary, November 2021.
    This one is pretty simple and won’t require any lengthy planning discussions.
    Unfortuately, dont have enough energy for anything too big or involved this time.
    I’m sure It will, ever just the same, make Joe laugh out loud
    and hopefully remind him his blog fam loves him to the moon and back.
    Anyone wanting to work on a very simple, but awesomely fun, virtual project
    anytime over the summer months
    can hit me up via NewScience101 at gmail.
    Just put “Blogiversary” in subject field
    with your 1st name and Blog handle in the email body.
    I’ll zip ya the details.

    1. @Drea – The insurance process is tough to fight when you’re ill, SSI Social Security Income has Compassionate Allowance which means they fast track your app to get SSI income for pts, their spouses and dependents that may help, calling mid week is the best, friends say it can take a while to get them on the phone and that Monday’s are the worst days to call SSI because their lines are busy.

      Patients with pre existing conditions can apply for low cost insurance through the ACA national portal, and hospitals have Financial Assistance offices to help patients apply for low cost insurance and who can help discount patient bills.

  10. Charlie got profiled for St. Jude:

    He’s got four more chemos to go. It’s shocking to see what each treatment does to his body. There’s one chemo called “red devil” that is practically nasty, which includes ulcers from his mouth through his entire G.I. system. St. Jude has been wonderful about custom making any food Charlie craves on demand to help keep his weight up.

    That’s one exciting thing about mRNA in the covid vaccine. This new technique might bring a vaccine for HIV and Cancer.

    Maybe, these new discoveries will keep kids like Charlie from going through these debilitating treatments.

    1. I’ve got family members with cancer and sure hope that mRNA can soon be used to help them.

    2. That would be wonderful if they could. Before COVID, they were looking into mRNA therapies for lupus to dial the immune system down, for cystic fibrosis, and helping with disease management of MS. They’ve also been using this in utero for many horrible diseases like cystic fibrosis and sickle cell among many others.

  11. I wish you could had a functional blink drive and could pop over for a visit and vaccination.

  12. Hey Joe Hope you’ll get the jab soon.

    I don’t know if you heard, but the BBC are thinking of reviving the BBC Three TV channel. They started off with Torchwood as their big ‘tentpole series’ when the channel was launched 15 years ago. Maybe TimEscape could be their tentpole for the new BBC3.

  13. Hi Joe
    You might like to offer BBC Three TimEscape. The BBC closed BBC Three about five years ago, but when they launched it originally, they advertised Torchwood as the premier property. They are thinking of bringing back BBC Three, so maybe TimEscape could be their new Torchwood.
    All the best John

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