7 thoughts on “April 18, 2021: Suji Sunday!

  1. Happy Birthday to the beautiful and extremely talented Akemi! Hope your special day was as wonderful and interesting as you are!

  2. Where does the time go? Hard to believe this December will mark 5 years
    since Suji first arrived in your lives. I remember how sweet she was to Bubba.

    Feeling slightly better today. Not quite up and around though.

    Here’s one more mushroom humor fun vid for Akemi’s special day. XO

    It shows how incredibly creative and versatile mushrooms can be. 😀

    Can you tell i miss mushrooms?
    It’s one of the hundreds of fav foods doctors have strictly forbidden at the moment.

  3. That bento box gift is so thoughtful, what a perfect birthday treat! Suji has the best toys, that winsome deer in a nightgown is so sweet. My big plan for today is to take out the trash, I’m beyond over the pandemic now and want to travel. Off to enjoy some chateau remodeling vids on youtube, to imagine what it’s like to be house poor in Provence in a run down castle.

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