Even though her birthday isn’t until tomorrow, Akemi continues to celebrate in the lead up to the big day.  This afternoon, our friend Dr. Blackjack gifted her (us!) a double gorgeous bento courtesy of Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hashimoto.  Each box contained a multitude of varied culinary marvels reminiscent of the osechi-ryori Akemi was desperately trying to hunt down for weeks.  The whole was accompanied by a personal hand-written birthday message from the chef himself.  How’s that for service?!

Mecha Oishikatta!


The pre-Birthday Rabbit.


And that…

Was going to go off on a rant about the mentally draining, endlessly frustrating, oft completely pointless creative pursuit known as Development, but just the thought of the topic exhausts me, so I’m going to file it away for a later date.

Hey, Drea!  Drop us an update!

8 thoughts on “April 17, 2021: The doctor is in. And she brought bento!

  1. Those bento boxes are art! Tell Akemi a big happy birthday for me!

    $465M for one season of that? Ridiculous.

    I would definitely try the dill pickle chips!

  2. You could do Dark Matter season 4 for 2.4 million? Shirley not! That’s not much. I bet it would cost more because you’d have to recreate sets and things.

    Is Miss Suji going to share her Suji Sunday with her mommy since it is Akemi’s birthday?

    Yes, I was wondering about Drea too…

  3. How are “deep-fried pickle” chips any different from pickle chips? Do they just make them greasier? I like deep fried pickles but this falls into the redundant and not worth it categories.

  4. Hey Gang. Sorry, I’ve been so quiet.
    Not feeling well last couple days.
    Very little physical and mental energy, difficulties focusing.
    Could be the mushrooms I recently consumed
    or it could just be the pesky cancer.
    Will do my best to fill you all in with a progress update Monday or Tuesday.

    Albeit, for right now, it’s time for birthday celebration! 😀

    Magical Mushroom Bliss
    for the always beautiful, always fun seeking, Akemi on her special day. XO

  5. 🌻🌼🌷🌸 Happy Birthday Akemi! Those Bento boxes looked amazing.

    Waves to Drea! ✌

    My son got me hooked on “Death Note”, so that’s where I’ll be today.

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