And another weekend is upon us…which, frankly, won’t feel all that different from Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday.  I’ll be continuing my rewrite of the Project F pilot (Tease and Act 1 complete), reviewing my Powder Mage pitch, working on six new pitches for two possible homes, and finally getting around to reading and providing notes on those scripts (Apologies for the delay, gang!).  I try to keep on top of everything by constantly checking my google calendar and noticed I have a webinar scheduled for Sunday at 7:00 p.m.  Webinar???

So, how are you all doing?  Vaccinated?  Getting vaccinated?  If you have been vaccinated, which vaccine and how was the experience?  Do tell.

Today’s Yes/No…

More from the Stargate vault (SG-1, Season 1)…

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28 thoughts on “April 9, 2021: Work, vaccines, fried chicken breakfast sandwiches, and Stargate!

  1. Not vaccinated yet, though my understanding is that NB is on schedule. I’m considered pretty low risk though, so I’ll still be on hold for a bit. When the time comes, I’m hoping for one of the mRNA ones, just because I think the tech is so cool and has the potential for some pretty significant advances in medicine.

    Huh, I don’t remember anyone climbing out of a peanut butter jar in S1 of SG1.

  2. Vax status: Both of us had #1 last month and have separate appointments for #2 over next two weeks.

  3. I’m HouseModerna. First dose was fine, second dose knocked me back pretty good. Took a sick day the day after and it was 4 days till I really felt right again. 3 more days and my two weeks are up hurray!

  4. PS: No issues with shot #1 for either of us. I’m deliberately blocking the day after #2 to stay home.

    Wasn’t very stressed about getting appointments; just kept checking various US provider websites for a few weeks. (We’re retirees and aren’t out & about much anyway.)

  5. Hey Joe! I got the Moderna vaccine. First dose, had a sore arm. Second dose, had a fever and fatigue for maybe 24 hours. No big deal, especially when you know it’s likely to happen. A few weeks later, my vaccinated husband and I went out to dinner for the first time* in a year (*first time indoor dining, that is).

    Of course, side effects aren’t guaranteed. I know people who had none. I guess it’s kind of a toss up. Anyway, get that vaccine everyone! We’ll worth it.

  6. I’ve gotten one shot off the Pfizer vaccine so far. The next day my arm was very sore around the infection site, like I had been punched really hard. The day after that my arm was fine but I had zero energy all day and felt a little queasy. The next day and beyond, I’ve felt fine. I get my second dose next week.

  7. Are the people in Canada fighting about getting vaccinated and using vaccine passports like so many are down here in US? Got the Pfizer from local CVS pharmacy and they were very well organized. Just a tiny bit achy after 2nd dose, but it was so slight that I can’t even be sure it was a reaction or just the cold weather. Waiting for border to reopen so I can get to CNE this summer, and many businesses here in Buffalo area have a lot of Canadian customers who they greatly miss. 🙁

  8. Vaccinated. First shot, Pfizer. Arm sore, a bit of histamine reaction that evening. All better by the next day. We got ours in Mississauga at the Trillium hospital. It was easy, fast and very smooth processing. You go through stations which was fairly quick to get through.

  9. Being 55 I am only now eligible for Astra-Zeneca. Not that that has helped; my local pharmacy has a waiting list of 2000. So it will be some time me thinks. But I think rather than fretting over which to get, any is better than none with these variants around. A local park has been closed, here in Kingston, because the university students decided to have a party. Covid is a snow-flake scraper rather than a Boomer Remover, as they said. Tensions are growing between town and gown.

    All the best John

    PS: If you ever do a Q&A in the future, I’d be interested in your reaction to this interview of William Link’s about partner writing:

  10. I got the Pfizer vaccine. I’m getting my second shot next week on Tuesday. I’ve heard a few people where I work say the second dose made them feel pretty sick. Some stayed home because of it. I’m hoping it doesn’t hit me that hard but I guess I’ll be expecting it if it does.

  11. I’m half way there with the Pfizer one, easier than a flu shot and I had no trouble booking an appointment the day after I was eligible in Minnesota. My wife had Moderna, second one knocked her down the next day and a half.

  12. I’ve been vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine. The day after the first shot was a little rough for me because i already had Covid 8 months prior. The second shot was a piece of cake though.

    As far as the McDonald’s chicken sandwich I’m a definite yes. It has bacon, enough said.

  13. My husband and I had our second Moderna shot the end of March. The day after we both felt crappy with a headache and slight fever. Took several days to feel normal but nothing like that next day.

  14. I’ve had two pfizer shots. A sore arm was my main symptom. I still swam two miles and did karate class afterwards. My mom got Moderna and was achy/sore.

    What’s the political climate there for the vacc? When are you starting your shots?

  15. Oh, and I forgot but it’s my wedding anniversary today. My hubby and I aren’t really the sentimental sort. Sometimes, we forget about the date entirely. Once, we celebrated two weeks later until my MIL corrected us. Anyway, it’s 28 years of sticking it out, having fun and working together.

  16. It’s a tough decision because my allergies have been erratic. So, the shot may have serious consequences for me, immediately or in the long term. However, long Covid behaves very much like a person who is “allergic” to the virus, which is sort of how an immune system is supposed to work, but I have enough reason to think that my tendencies for bizarre allergic reactions also puts me in a group at risk for severe Covid or long-term lingering symptoms.

    Since the track record of the people who are supposed to communicate the actual vaccine risks has been dismal these past years and the infrastructure is in place to suppress peer-to-peer sharing of information about adverse reactions, it’s going to be difficult to get real information about adverse side effects of these vaccines, especially the long term ones. The best so far for immediate reaction information is my sister working at a vaccine site and seeing only a few bad reactions out of hundreds of people vaccinated. It still bodes poorly for my odds since I’m easily the few out of hundreds to have bad reactions to things. I’m also concerned about long term health effects because I sure don’t need more chronic health issues and that information will be especially hard to get a clear picture of with the way information is being filtered and suppressed through social engineering these days.

    I’m hoping more information comes out about ways to pre-screen for risks to the vaccine, such as testing ahead of time for anti-bodies to vaccine ingredients or Covid. I can ask my doctor to do those tests on my own, of course, but, if the mainstream establishment were pushing for those things, it would do a lot to squeeze a little bit of trust out of me that they are at least trying to mitigate harm. If they don’t, I’ll have to conclude that they are still of the mindset that a subset of people should be harmed for no other gain than that they don’t have to waiver from their “safe and effective” mantra.

    My original plan was to hunker down until the virus burned itself out. Since the world locked down and extended the time to burn out the virus, the plan is taking longer, but it’s still the plan.

  17. I got my second Pfizer shot just under two weeks ago. Bad headache and fatigue with the first, and intense body aches. The second was mostly fatigue and loss of appetite, hard to tell if was the vaccination or my life.

  18. Had the Moderna vax,,,second at the end of day, fever to 101.1 degrees F…achy, blood pressure wonky(now it’s high, now low,,,)blood sugar elevated(I’m diabetic)…made my 2 mile walk,,,difficult,,,and my power lifting was off…took a week to get back to normal,,,hmmm,,,Mc Donals chicken and bacon…maybe…if they eliminate bread…

  19. Had Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine 4 weeks ago, no side effects apart from slight headache next day like eye strain or lack of sleep headache, although told I shivered when asleep. Other half had same jab a couple days later, had headache for a couple of days. A friend had the jab and was bad next day and stayed in bed day 2, then fine. Our 2nd jab is first week of June. UK based.

  20. I’ve had the first dose of the Pfizer vaccination. Get the second dose in 2 weeks. The biggest problem was the 15 minute sit-down wait after the shot. I started imagining all sorts of symptoms. I thought I was getting a headache. I wasn’t. I thought I was getting dizzy and worried I’d fall out of the chair and wondered which of these health care people would rush to my side. I didn’t get dizzy. Then I was wondering if the vaccine could cause instant diarrhea and started glancing around the room for a bathroom. I didn’t get diarrhea nor did I find the bathroom. And my chest hurt!! No it didn’t.

    My only issue was an annoyingly sore injection arm that day. It was gone the next day. And it didn’t matter how much I used that arm, it stayed sore that whole day. That was my dominate arm. Next shot I am going to get it in my non-dominate arm and not use it at all. Then it won’t annoy me so much.

    Kinda worried about the second shot. Already starting to imagine all sorts of horrible things… 🙂

  21. Mum and Dad had their 2nd Pfizer jabs last week which is great and my other half had his 1st about a month ago. I’m still waiting for my 1st as I’m a youngster at 49! (The UK’s 50’s-60’s should have their 1st by mid April) Mum and Dad just had achey arms but my other half felt a bit uurgh for a day. England’s also had a 3 month lockdown and things are at last starting to open up again which is great. (The rest of the UK has had different restrictions)

  22. I got the Moderna vaccine and had sore joints, muscles, and head for 24 hours.

    Then, after the second dose, I had all the same symptoms for 48 hours.

    Luckily, I got both shots on Saturday morning, so I had the weekend to recover.

    And, as bad as it was, it has to be better than getting COVID and dying. I’m just glad it’s over.

  23. I’ve had both Pfizer vaccinations and thankfully only experienced a bit of a sore shoulder afterwards. I can’t wait to travel more and make a return visit to Canada when the time is right.

  24. I’m a little late in reporting, but I got my first Pfizer shot on Saturday, 10th of April and the second shot will be on 28 July. I just had a sore arm 2 days later and was very tired. I hope the second shot won’t be the nightmare that some people are reporting. But I hope the vaccine will be available then too.

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