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Thanks for the updates on your respective vaccine experiences.  Here in Toronto, I heard word that we’d have to wait until July for our first shot.  Then I heard that my age group would be eligible for the Astrazeneca.  Then I heard my hot zone area code would be eligible for either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine soonish.  I also heard they were working on a Galaxy Quest series.  But, sadly, none of the aforementioned have come to fruition.

Today, I managed to send out some long overdue script notes, did some market research (ESNT, FL, LMT, MRU, and VALE looking bullish to me!), and reviewed the first 25 pages of my revised Project F pilot.  I shaved a page off the tease, lost the first act entirely, introduced a new music-related piece of technology, moved Berniece’s intro into Act 2, and tweaked Kuro-K53’s explosive demise.  On to Act 2!  Oh, and I also came up with a second premise for my upcoming Week of April 18th pitch session.  Two(ish) down; one to go.

Today’s Yes/No…

Happy Anniversary, Tammy!

5 thoughts on “April 10, 2021: How goes your Saturday?

  1. Totally yes on a hummus shake. Bean-based dessert beverages are the culinary predecessors to Boba Tea. The Vietnamese word is chè. Grinding the beans into hummus is just the next evolution of the bean side of chè.

  2. Thank you, for the mention! It was a good Saturday. I ran five miles, made a nice lunch and spent the rest of the day recovering from the run. ;). We are putting off celebrations until more places open up.

    Instead of dining out, I tried a new recipe from Giada De Laurentis called White Beans and Cavolonero and it was wonderful! Along with the beans, I baked cod with breadcrumbs/butter and drizzled with lemon. It was a simple lunch but very tasty. If anyone wants the bean recipe, it’s here. I adapted it to the instant pot but otherwise I followed her instructions:

    Wowza on the vaccine distribution there. Do you know what happened?

    Oh, how is the writer’s block? Did you finish that scene you were having problems with?

    I hope everyone’s Saturday went well and everyone’s Suji Sunday is even better!

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