10. What Type of X – Jessi

Easily my favorite song by Jessi.

9. Flower Less – DKB

A fairly young group with a lot of promise.

8. Do or Not – Pentagon 

This one with the classic kpop boy band feel.

7. Lilac – IU

IU’s first appearance on this list, but not her last.

6. Hwa-byung – MC Mong

An underappreciated artist. The track Blind, also on this album, is great as well.

5. Blood Night – G-reyish

Big thematic shift for this band, but I like it!

4. On the Ground – Rosé 

Rosé finally gets her solo debut, and doesn’t disappoint. Best Blackpink(related) song in years.

3. Stalker – 3YE

Their best song to date.

2. My Sea – IU

Whoa! The pipes on full glorious display here!

1. Ah Puh – IU

Such a solid album. Two other tracks, Coin and Flu, just finished out of the Top 10.

Over on twitter, my friend Carolyn Hinds counters with her Top 10 ranking (thread)….

One thought on “Top 10 Kpop Tracks of March, 2021

  1. While I generally enjoy the music, what’s up with the “Beatles’ haircut” on the boys and the “dirty/sexy school girl” look on the girls? I’m ready for some originality.

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