Whenever we visit our local Japanese corner shop, Akemi spends half the time agonizing over whether or not she should pick up some rice crackers.  On the surprisingly rare occasions she actual does pick them up, she’ll eat one, then ask me to hide the rest so that she isn’t tempted to immediately eat them all.  And so, I spend a good twenty minutes carefully tucking each individually wrapped rice cracker away  – between blankets, in my sock drawer, atop a high shelf, inside one of my jackets, behind the liquor cabinet, etc.  What ensues is the equivalent of an Easter egg hunt as Akemi scours the place, searching high, low, and everywhere in between, thrilling to the joy of discovery.  Inevitably, she’ll grow frustrated and asks me to reveal my hiding spots – and, while I remember most, there are quite a few I don’t recall…until, sometimes, months later when I’m rooting around for cufflinks, toothpaste, or my copy of Ted Chiang’s Stories of Your Life and Others.  Tonight, she has given up, assuming – by her count – that she has found all outstanding rice crackers.



Today’s trending topics…

And today’s Yes/No…

Tomorrow, I join David Read for another installment of Dial the Gate.  We’ll be discussing SG-1’s eighth season…

Look at me.  So dubious.  Nevertheless, I’ll be answering YOUR questions LIVE!  So swing on by.

4 thoughts on “March 27, 2021: Rice Crackers, Trending Topics, and Stargate!

  1. So, do new rice crackers grow from the ones you stored them and forgot? I always wondered where they came from.

  2. There were awesome rice crackers wrapped in seaweed wafers at Famima in LA that were so very good, no matter how big the bag is they always got eaten way fast. I’m ordering the nori rice crackers that appear to have plum sauce flavor, hoping it’ll be as good as I remember.

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