5 thoughts on “March 28, 2021: Suji Sunday!

  1. Suji dressed like a Parisienne in her chic coat is a flawless look, but I like that she can rock a cool army jacket. She’s kind of a ringer for Madame Rac, profiled by Curiosity Inc in their musician’s house remodel series on youtube.

    I’m playing Garou and Lara Fabian to drown out the wretched infernal discordant shrill musical instrument racket coming from the world’s most heinous neighbor, which is making me loathe apartment living. But Francis Cabrel is helping to drown the crazed musician out, to my great relief. I’m off to bake more tartiflette, the side dish that says “I want a liver like foie gras.” Trying not to make it too often because its delicious buttery-olive oil goodness is not the healthiest.

  2. Thanks Suji, made my day! So darn cute you are. She can be all that and look good!

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