6 thoughts on “March 26, 2021: Marshmallow Cola! Stargate! And All Hail King Shark!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful concept artwork. Solitudes is my absolute favorite episode and the color drawings of the ice cave are gorgeous. I never tire of seeing the developmental process via the concept drawings and paintings.

    I think I’ll pass on the Marshmallow Cola. I have never been a fan of marshmallows unless they are perfectly toasted and paired with chocolate and graham crackers in s’mores.


    The manufacturers of Pepsi and Peeps are each being sued for $20 billion dollars
    by an international coalition of drug enforcement agencies for causing life threatening
    caffeine and sugar highs.

    Damages include:
    1. Causing children to excessively jump on their beds till they break it.

    Thousands of financially struggling parents are now having to choose between
    feeding their 4 legged fur companions at home
    or purchasing new beds for their offspring.

    Causing R Kelly to believe he could fly.

    Mr Kelly suffered a broken pelvis, broken nose and broken ribs in his latest attempt.
    He is, as well, now suffering from PTSD and cola withdrawals
    requiring the worlds most expensive, extended, therapy at the Paracelsus Recovery Clinic in Switzerland.

    As if this weren’t horrific enough,
    The third set of damages named in the suit are the worst by far.

    Writer Joseph Mallozzi,
    who was already under extreme daily stress
    dealing with an overly bossy, intimidating, fur child requiring his attention around the clock,
    was forced to write and re-read thru 3 Powder Mage pitches
    simply for one television pilot writing job audition.

    Mr Mallozzi suffered a nervous break down March 26th, 2021 at apromimately 11:59 pm.
    He was immediately air lifted via the worlds fastest Sikorsky X2 helicopter to a central hospital in Montreal
    where he is currently sitting in the waiting room awaiting evaluation for admittance and treatment since 1:30 am local time.

    It is currently unknown if the injury was self inflicted or caused by his employer, Mr JB Sugar’s, consumption of the over loaded Peeps-Cola, then ordering him to come up with a total of no less than three separate pitches just for the one, singular episode, writing job.

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