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I mean, it’s so obvious, no?

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Today’s Yes/No…

Akemi uses the term “Cinderella fit” to apply to perfect fits – like that giant container of protein powder that slides right into that spot on the top shelf of your pantry.  I’ve never heard the term used before, but I love it.  Wonder if it’s another one of her Japanese terms.

Did an interview today for a forthcoming book on science fiction and now putting the finishing touches on the pitch for that reimagined sci-fi classic with the kick-ass opening theme.  My co-writer on the project, Paul Cornell, and I have been going back and forth and I believe we finally have a (near) final version.  Sometime next week, we’ll get together for a zoom pitch run-through and then look ahead to Friday’s main event.  Also on tap next week – three Powder Mage pitches.  So far.

Tomorrow, it’s a notes zoom call for Project F.  And then – the weekend is upon us!  And it’s look like summer is too!

Step #2: Fire up the barbecue!

Step #1: Buy a barbecue!

7 thoughts on “March 25, 2021: Pitches, Yes/No, and Here Is Your Namor!

  1. Curious why it has to be “Cinderella” and not the others? 😅
    Tomorrow the weather calling for rain most of the day, great day to do indoor Zoom calls. I’m going to do some house cleaning and finish up the dreadful income taxes.

    Was on the phone pretty much most of today try to figure out why my insurance and phone bills keep increasing so significantly. While I was trying to get rid of unnecessary items, they were asking me to add extra stuff to help me “save” money. 😤😡

    1. Because out of all the women in the kingdom, only Cinderella’s foot fit the glass slipper. 👠🪄

  2. Cinderella Fit, reminds me of Kojak Parking. Let’s have a contest to come up with more!

  3. Is there a Project G(ilder) yet? I could use the ego boost; 2021 is living up to my prediction of “Confucian Curse Year”…and I’m getting too old for this $#%¥ !

  4. I like that, Cinderella Fit. It reminds me of Goldilocks planet. As for the protein powder fitting in so nicely, sometimes it’s just the little things that make life good.

    Jelly Noodles? They don’t look great but I would try them.

  5. Hey Line Noise, I found a package of Rolos but got side tracked from the brownies to the recipe on the Rolo bag. Take a half pecan and a pretzel, toast them on a cookie sheet (covered with parchment paper). Place a Rolo on top of the hot pretzel, put the hot pecan on top and smash down. Cool. Then try and stop yourself from eating the whole lot. 🙂 I suppose I’ll have to hunting for another bag of Rolos….

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