Well, the weekend is upon us – provided, of course, you still adhere to Old Time and continue to recognize the weekend as a thing.

The TimEscape package (bible and two scripts) have gone out to about a dozen potential buyers – for starters.  Two quick passes so far.  The first, not surprisingly, from a place that, uh, already has a major sci-fi franchise on rotation.  The other, a place I could never really figure out in terms of their branding and overall direction – so not all that surprising.

Meanwhile, the other sci-fi project is poised to follow.  At the moment, we are just generating a list of possible homes.

The initial response to the Project F series overview and first draft script has been great.  Next week, a new executive joins the creative mix and I look forward to hearing his thoughts.  He’s a genre guy, which is great, not sure his expertise and preferences extends to sci-fi/gaming/k-pop hybrid shows.  We’ll find out Thursday!

Shout out to Ella Myers of No Equal Entertainment who took the written series overview and transformed it into a positively gorgeous and compelling pitch deck.

Forwarded my two horror features to my agent earlier this week.  As a rule of thumb: the longer the turnaround response, the more negative the feedback.  The clock is ticking!

Finally heard back from the streamer re: the small town horror series.  It was a pass, but the form response did, kindly, wish us luck on our future endeavors.  I draw solace from the fact that they did take the extra effort of letting us know rather than simply not responding and assuming we’d figure it out (which is the norm).

A couple of comic-to-television adaptations in a holding pattern.

A near-future tech-driven murder mystery pilot on deck.

And a comedy procedural.

It seems like a lot but, truly, much of my days are now spent studying the stock market.  I’m enjoying the minutiae of tracking data, trends, and indicators.  My years of obsessing over Fantasy Football stats have apparently served me well!


4 thoughts on “February 26, 2021: Projects on deck!

  1. Lots in the works, and all tantalizingly sounding things I wish I could see right now. I feel like finally there are good sci fi tv and films popping up, and even some brand new faves I’m loving so far like Resident Alien and Behind Her Eyes, and it was very fun to see a DM fave pop up on Ginny and Georgia (Georgia and Ginny?) as a mysterious bounty hunter. I’m off to make dinner, I already have shrimp marinating for another epic salad, which is much needed after yesterday’s apple fritter a la mode excess.

  2. Here’s to hoping one of your favorite projects gets picked up for a nice, long run SOON!

    My father spent almost every day at the library researching stocks in the days before owning a PC. He got very good at it, too, doing very well in the market after his retirement. I was pretty much wiped out after 9/11 and have never had the money to jump back in due to disability. It is interesting, though.

  3. I wish you the best success with all your work. As for me, I’m quilting throw blankets for friends and Quilts of Valor. I enjoy the design process. Not much else other than trying to lose weight which is no fun.

  4. Small town horror, huh? Have you ever lived in a small town? I learned last year it’s a bad idea to announce, “hey, you look just like so and so.” And then look around to see the boy doesn’t look like his brothers and his dad won’t look at you.

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