Sometimes I suspect that the new Farm Boy grocery opening up two blocks from our place is the greatest thing to happen to my wife since her move here from Japan. It’s always Farm Boy this, Farm Boy that.  Farm Boy, Farm boy, Farm Boy.

Apparently, it reminds Akemi of the grocery store she grew up frequenting near her family home in Osaka.  Her mother was a longtime regular.  One day, when the shop called to inform her mother that she had forgotten her shopping wallet (Apparently it’s a thing in Japan), Akemi’s mom simply placed an order for delivery and had them take the payment from the wallet.  Although the shop was within convenient walking distance, it was even more convenient to leave the wallet at the store, then simply order by phone, have them physically draw the payment, and take delivery.  This went on for weeks until the day the shop informed her that her wallet was empty.  So her mom returned to the store – not to finally pick up her wallet, but to replenish it so she could continue the convenient arrangement.   Akemi even recalled times when her mother would phone to place her order and inform the shop owner what she’d be preparing for dinner that day – and the owner would go the extra step of prepping the purchases (peeling, chopping, grating, etc.) before sending her way.

This first happened about twenty years ago.

And the shop still has the wallet.

Ah, I miss Japan.

Check out the Stargate: SG-1 concept art.  Then, name the episode!

Img_3148 Img_3149 Img_3150 Img_3151 Img_3152 Img_3153 Img_3154 Img_3155 Sg1-1-ep9-10 Sg1-2-ep-4 Sg1-3-ep-4 Sg1-9-ep-3 Sg1_10ep

12 thoughts on “February 25, 2021: Japanese Customer Service! And Name That Stargate Episode!

  1. The last drawing I would have to say Brief Candle, but I also see Thor’s Hammer. Then again I could be totally off.

    I miss my corner grocery store, and the owner Joe, an Italian immigrant. I would buy my penny candy and pet the cat Joe kept there while my grandmother and Joe would catch up. I always knew when they didn’t want me to hear something for they would start talking in Italian. During the holidays or when it was my birthday Joe always gave us something extra, whether it was pastries, breads or panettone bread. He was a wonderful man, and I cried when he sold the store.

  2. Is the service of the local Farm Boy as convenient? (That probably sounds worse than it’s meant.)

    The title “Thor’s Hammer” is right on one of the drawings, so I’m going with that as the title.

  3. @GFORCE and @NANTOKANARU77 – 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Funny. You walked right into that one Joe. 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the Brief Candle artwork. One of my favorite eps because RDA did more than trade quips with the team. He proved he was still a good actor with the chops to play a variety of characters.

  5. Farm Boy! My grandfather had a fruit stand at LA Farmer’s market, I have a postcard with him holding a pineapple. Fruits of the Pacific! Mom worked there after school, that’s why I know Gene Kelly loved homemade Kumquat marmalade, and Boris Karloff sounded spooky even when buying produce.

  6. Farm Boy sounds so convenient for a city foodies, a mini grocery opened by work a few years back and it was lifesaver, so great to shop midweek for fresh fruit and veg, especially in the winter when it was a slog to get to the giant grocery chain miles away.

    The shopping wallet adventures are delightful, I hope you guys can get over to Akemi’s home soon and visit that cozy shop to see the shopping wallet.

  7. Brief Candle, Thor’s Hammer, and Jolinar’s Memories

    The only one I struggled with was the Jolinars Memories one, but the name Bynar and the scar over the eye gave it away.

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