Check out this old timey pic of yours truly, my sis, aunt, uncle, and cousins.  Pick me out of a lineup to win my undying admiration!


Back on the hometown front, mom is making her famed pickled eggplant – and undoubtedly looking forward to Monday when she finally receives her first vaccine.  Canada is a little behind their southern neighbor on that front.  Whereas the U.S. is vaccinating 1.4 million a day and aiming to have 150 million vaccinated by end of March, Canada has proven…somewhat of a laggard.  According to the latest Global Vaccine Tracker stats, in the United States 14.6% of the population have received at least 1 shot (compared to 2.4% for Canada), and 7.1% have been fully vaccinated (compared to Canada’s 1.4%).  Israel, meanwhile, is well out in front, having already vaccinated 36.6% of its population.

Eggy Blue Rice?  Yes/No

Exciting news.  Former Dark Matter Co-Executive Producer and VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson will be joining the Orville Nation panel Monday to discuss Episode 208, Stuff To Steal, People To Kill – one of my very favorite AU stories.  Join us at 5:30 ET, 2:30 ET.  And maybe you’ll be treated to a surprise or two.


12 thoughts on “February 27, 2021: The Saturday Report!

  1. The blue rice, surprisingly, looks appetizing.

    In case anyone wonders, most visible signs of my Feb. 4 accident are gone. Still icing the primary trauma site between nose and lip, as the underlying tissues are swollen.

  2. I am so upset!! I don’t think I can pick you out in that photo even though I have seen you as a young one!

    Are you the cute nerdy kid with bangs giving the peace sign?

    Are you the cute kid in the middle next to the dog wearing the blue Get Smart trenchcoat?

    Are you the fussy cute kid in orange pants sitting on the ground shielding your pour eyes from the sun’s damaging rays?

    Damn. Why don’t you know a blond family? That would be easier! You better answer this burning question tomorrow!

    1. Yep. I’m having the same problem. Originally thought the two sitting down in front had to be Joe and Andria. Albeit One of the kids standing up in the back row looks more like Joe. And the tall gal standing in the middle, next to Joe’s cousin in the trench coat, looks a bit more like Andria than the gal sitting in front.

      I think you posted photo’s from your youth quite a few years ago, Joe.
      But, heck if my aging brain remembers that far back anymore.

      Come to think of it, I just realized this November will mark your 15th blogiversary.
      Where does the time go? Seems we only just celebrated your 10th a year ago.

      Well I’ve finished moving my stuff over to the residence. I’m exhausted. Too tired to start unpacking. I’m gonna try to get some food down and call it a night. I’ll update everyone on the situation and what comes next tomorrow.

      Thanks so much again to all in our blog family who pitched in to help get me thru March.
      I love you guys more than words could ever say and incredibly grateful to know I dont have to face this nightmarish situation that got dumped on my lap all at once, alone. xo

  3. Blue rice, perhaps. I would try it.

    I want a vaccine but I am a year too young. I am not sick enough as my asthma and blood pressure is not severe enough, and I am not fat enough. Not far to go on being fat enough, maybe I should work on that?

  4. I think you’re in the back row, second from the left, But maybe I need my glasses lol. I don’t think I would eat blue rice. Went out for lunch today for a friend’s birthday… company was great but the meal was meh. Eggs were Luke warm….at least they came out promptly. With the Diabetes, I can’t wait too long to eat.

    Cheers, Chev

  5. Glad your Mom is getting the vaccine. We have only just started vaccinating in Australia, although we have less cases than Canada. How long before you and Akemi get yours?

    Cheers, Chev

  6. I think the girl in the green jacket might be Andria sooooooo I think you are standing next to her, centre of picture, blue jacket?

  7. I’d say you are the one in the blue trenchcoat. Very elegant even at a young age.

    Glad your mom is getting vaccinated. Here in Germany it’s going very slowly. No idea when hubby and I can get it.

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