All systems go across various fronts.  The TimEscape series overview and two scripts are finally going out to prospective buyers while my other time travel project (with producers Doug Pasko, Kristin Mente, Zac Reeder) gears up to head out as well.  Completed the series overview for Powder Mage with an assist from the brilliant Brian McClellan and the next step is to fashion the deck (complete with glorious visuals) and pitch proper.  Great feedback on the first draft of my pilot for (the sci-fi/gaming/k-pop mash-up) Project F and now looking forward to notes.

Meanwhile, switching gears to two other originals I have on deck – one is a rewrite of that YA military sci-fi series while the other is the pilot for a straight drama limited miniseries.  All I really require is the time to work on them.

I do love my marzipan…

Thanks to Tanya for the chocolate shipment!

How about a little Yes/No?

Or maybe…?

8 thoughts on “February 11, 2021: Projects! Yes/No! Marzipan!!!

  1. I have said this before, I have a great admiration for you people who can stay busy and do what they love.

  2. I’m glad you’re keeping busy.

    Dragon fruit art is beautiful!

    Stargate cake? Yes, but I’d say for any cake. 🙂

    Thanks for the update! It’s nice that you’re keeping so busy. How’s Akemi doing? What big projects has she been tackling?

    Do you think after the plague passes, that more people will be afflicted with agoraphobia? Also, I believe that many will experience a mild PTSD. For example, those people recorded having meltdown’s over others not obeying mask/social distancing recommendations from the past year, remember them? People just can’t shake those emotions off. It should be interesting….

    On another front, more ice/snow coming this weekend for us. The roads were clear today and I stocked up on food. We should be good for a week, at least. My freezer is full of cupcakes/cookies. 😉

    Oh, I also heard from a twitter friend, “Red Dot” on Netflix has animal abuse scenes. So, I’m passing that warning on to you.

    That’s it, that’s all my news. I hope everyone else has more excitement. Anyone?

    1. Akemi continues to practice her Chinese, cook, and watch her fave Asian you tubers.

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