#10.  Dreamcatcher – Odd Eye

#9. Hyuna – I’m Not Cool

#8. Yubin – Perfume

#7. Yeji Kim – Scared

#6. Youha – Abittipsy

#5. Cherry Bullet – Love So Sweet

#4. Woo!Ah! – I Don’t Miss U

#3. A.C.E., Steve Aoki, Thutmose – Fave Boyz

#2. Colde – Lighter

#1. Epic High, CL, Zico – Rosario

Agree?  Disagree?  Do tell.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 K-pop Tracks of January, 2021!

  1. Wow! Your list took a major style turn towards the end!

    Yeji Kim’s Scared is probably my favourite.

  2. I tend to avoid higher-pitched sounds so the shift to tinny-sounding accompaniment isn’t going to work for me. I prefer Hyuna’s natural voice. She’s toning down the aegyo voice here, but I’m 100% non-aegyo.

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