Later today!  Actor Marc Bendavid and director Ron Murphy join the gang at Orville Nation and me for a discussion about Dark Matter Episode 205, “We Voted Not To Space You”.

Join us!

How about a little Yes/No?

Happy Birthday to my mom…


She baked her own cake.  The look in her eyes suggests she will NOT be stopping at one slice.

Tomorrow, it’s a long overdue TimEscape call with my agent and allies.  A zoom chat two months in the making.  I hope it lives up to the hype!


11 thoughts on “February 8, 2021: Actor Marc Bendavid! Director Ron Murphy! Orville Nation! Join us, Dark Matter fans!

  1. Happy Birthday Mrs. Mallozzi!!! Now THAT is my kind of cake!!! I’ll take a big piece!

  2. Happy Birthday Mrs. Mallozzi, from one octogenarian to another. That cake looks delicious!!

  3. Happy Birthday Mamma Angela Mallozzi. The cake looks absolutely yummy.
    Hope it was a lovely celebration day for ya.

    Sorry I’ve been absent more often than not of late. Dealing with an awful personal health, housing, and financial crisis at the moment. All of which have been dumped on me all at once with little time to resolve it. Hope your call with your agents went well today.

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