Whew!  What a day.  Got feedback on the Project F pilot and the Powder Mage overview, strategized regarding three more projects, did some stock research, sourced and sent off some tax documents to my agent, and had four zoom calls with some amazing young and talented writers.  Oh, and also – and most importantly – I took Suji for a carpet run.  Now, just need to send off some notes on another project, hop on another zoom, and my day is done.

Let’s unwind with a little Yes/No…

And here is this week’s Stargate vault haul.  Identify the episode!

Img_3137 Img_3138 Sg1-1-ep Sg1-2-ep Sg1-3-ep Sg1-4-ep Sg1-5-ep Sg1-6-ep Sg1-7-ep Sg1-8-ep Sg1-9-ep Sg1-9a-ep Sg1-10-ep Sg1-11-ep


6 thoughts on “February 5, 2021: Busy Day! Here, have some Stargate concept art and cosmic brownies!

  1. Well, at least the Cosmic Brownies are now legal in Canada. Uh, that’s why they’re “cosmic”, right?

    Looks like “The First Commandment” from Ep 5, S1 of SGU. At least based on my quick Google sleuthing.

  2. Good look with all your projects. I hope we will see some of them in tv sooner or later.

    Oh, and regarding the episode: That is definitely “The First Commandment” from SG1’s first season.

  3. Dunno, homebaked brownies are just so much tastier. Now I have a hankering to make home made brownies.
    That cave planet would be on my blocked list of gate addresses, I need Whole Foods and wifi on every planet I visit.
    I’m fully in salad mode now, caught myself cradling the Big Damn Bowls I got, so happy at the way they contain big damn salads without allowing a single slice of avocado to spill out.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the crazy cool “1st Commandment” concept art.

    Yes, please, to the cereal. I live 5 miles from the Little Debbie bakery and have met the real Debbie at church. I also knew her parents and an uncle. They are/were lovely people and they provide a huge number of highly sought after jobs due to the kindness and loyalty shown to their employees. They even hire husbands and wives to work at the same facility. Plus, I love their discount store! 😉

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