12 thoughts on “February 4, 2021: New PJ’s!

  1. I would laugh, but I’m in pain…trip & fall today resulted in slightly fractured nose, various bruises and abrasions. For various reasons, chose to visit ER. Home now with strong painkiller for overnight.

    Kind thoughts and prayers appreciated.

  2. Love it!! You, Akemi and Suji should wear matching outfits everyday. That would be perfect for the quick trips to Walmart!

  3. Gilder, sending positive thoughts and loads of healing energy your way! Hope you recover quickly. No more falling!

  4. Rest well Gilder, bed is the safest place for all of us this winter. Lay on the soup and the Netflix, doctors orders.

    Joe’s Valentine pajamas will be great on below zero days, love that 80’s retro pattern, very Saved By The Bell.

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