4 thoughts on “January 31, 2021: Suji Sunday!

  1. I saw on YouTube the video of you, Suji, and Akemi opening that box from Germany. Suji seemed to really enjoy opening up everything and seeing what was in there. That box looked like it had been around the world a couple of times. (If I have the right video. Can’t find it again.) (I can’t remember anything anymore!)

    1. Yes, that was a recent unboxing. The package had been sent back twice before, then delivered to the wrong place before finding its way to us. But Suji LOVES unboxing!

  2. Great pictures!

    Any news on General Tso’s history?

    How’s the concussion? Head injuries are scary things. I once had a hair line fracture in my skull and went to work the next day. On the other end was Natasha Richardson, who seemed fine and was dead hours later.

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