Announcing my new Stargate podcast with the gang at The Companion.  Gathers Gonna Rate will be asking fans to weigh in on a variety of subjects – The franchise’s greatest AU episode!  Best Sam and Jack moment!  Most annoying decision by a guest character!  Then, we tally up the scores and discuss the results – and, of course, offer up our own thoughts on the subject…

To those asking – yes, The Companion is a paid subscription, but fear not!  You can try for free OR wait a couple of weeks for the podcast to be released to the general public.  No matter what, you won’t miss out!

What do you say?  Yes/No?

To be honest, I have a bigger issue with the omelet than the cod roe.


A little something that showed up in Suji’s care package from Germany.  Thank you, Tanja!

This takes me back to when we were living in Vancouver and used to visit Xocholat.  The Zotter line were always more of an impulse buy with flavors ranging from the somewhat strange to the downright bizarre.  Just checking the online shop in Canada…

Espresso Macchiato.  White Wine.  Tequila with Salt and Lemon?  Sure, why not!

An early reminder to join me and the gang at Orville Nation for a live Dark Matter video chat this Monday when we’ll be talking about one of my very favorite episodes – Episode 204, We Were Family.

To refresh you memories…


2 thoughts on “January 30, 2021: A little Stargate! A little Dark Matter! A little chocolate whisky! And a little code roe!

  1. Don’t go waving that whisky chocolate bar in front of us unless you’re prepared to share!

    Hmmm…I see the company is located in Florida. Mebbe I can get my sister to send me up a care package, too!


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