A productive day.  Completed a first draft of the Powder Mage overview and got some excellent feedback from author Brian McClellan.  Will do another pass, get it out and, after that, it’ll be smooooooth sailing!

I have come to the conclusion that there are only two places for good barbecue in Toronto – Barque BBQ and  Big Crow.  That’s it.  On the other hand, this city appears to have entered the golden age of fried chicken sandwiches.  Speaking of which…

What do you say to the fried chicken rice burger?  Yes/No?

Today’s treasure trove of concept art is from SG-1’s fourth episode: “The Broca Divide”…

Img_3132 Img_3133 Img_3134 Img_3135 Img_3136 Sg1-1ep Sg1-3-ep4 Sg1-4-ep-1 Sg1-4a-ep Sg1-5-ep-1 Sg1-6-ep-1 Sg1-7-ep Sg1-8-ep Sg1-9-ep Sg1-10-ep Sg1-11-ep Sg1-12-ep Sg1-13-ep Sg1-14-ep Sg1-15-ep Sg1-16-ep

Quite the stash, no?

9 thoughts on “January 26, 2021: Powder progress, fried chicken sandwiches, and Stargate concept art!

  1. There are so many great concept art books for so many sci-fi series. It would be great to see an “Art of Stargate” book

  2. I find it interesting that you have concept art from before you even joined the show. What, did you raid the archives while you were working there?

  3. Wow! The concept artwork is fantastic. I agree with Mark Bouska, an “Art of Stargate” tv series/franchise book would be great. I’d like to see the artistic conceptual progress of each show.

  4. Quite the stash, indeed! Thank you SO, SO MUCH for taking the time to share the concept art with us. It always fascinates me to compare concept to production. It’s one of my favorite treats that you occasionally post. I thought Broca Divide was both visually appealing and challenging for the lead players as far as acting was concerned. I still enjoy watching this episode.

    Sorry about the BBQ situation. I live in TN, so great BBQ is everywhere. The smell of mesquite, hickory, exotic woods…. You name the meat or veggie and you can easily find it being smoked here. YUM! Now I want some!

    Rice buns? Depends on seasoning and texture. Why not try it? Rice can be delicious and it is a culinary staple the world over. McD’s regular white flour buns are so ho hum that almost anything would be an improvement.

    Thanks again for the fun post!!!

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