Later today, I’ll be guesting on Orville Nation to talk about Dark Matter Episode 203 “I’ve Seen the Other Side of You”.  Come join us for today’s discussion.

How about a little Yes/No?  Spaggheti-O Pie?

Hey, Michiganers!  Is this a thing?

Spent the day doing a deep dive into the magic elements and structure of the Powder Mage world.  Lots of ground to cover, but endlessly fascinating.  Hoping to complete a draft of the series overview in the coming days.

Well, it’s the very worst outcome for a Super Bowl pitting the hated Tom Brady against the hated Chiefs.  Years of rooting for the Raiders has conditioned me to hate their AFC rivals.  On the other hand, years of rooting against the Patriots has conditioned me to hate Brady.  But maybe there’s a silver lining in the fact that a Bucs win would be, in some ways, a kick in the teeth to the Patriots organization.  So, for that reason, I may lean Tampa.  But I’ll probably still skip the game.

So what are YOUR Super Bowl predictions?

5 thoughts on “January 25, 2021: Dark Matter fans convene! Yes/No Spaghetti O? My Super Bowl thoughts!

  1. I read, on Twitter I think, about someone comparing the QB match up to the 2008 Wimbledon final between Federer and Nadal. Federer was already an established champion and Rafa was trying to show he could be a champion on something other than clay. The situation has some interesting similarities between the Brady/Mahomes match up. Probably the most interesting part of the game in my opinion.
    Two of the best QBs of all time. I am no fan of Brady or the Patriots. I don’t have any feelings toward the Chiefs one way or the other. I am a Ravens fan so I don’t really have a horse in this race. I do agree it would be a nice insult to the Patriots organization if Brady won with the Bucks but I lean more toward routing for the talented new kid.
    I will watch the game. Mostly because it is some new.

  2. Uh, watching that “pie” made me queasy. Plus, her sleeves were dragging in the food and all over the counter. White sweater while cooking? Gah. Pfeh. Nope.

  3. I think it’s time to stop hating Brady and recognize he may be the best QB ever.

    I would try a spoonful of that Spaghetti-O Pie (would never make it though) but I want a whole bag of shredded cheese on both layers.

  4. I’ve seen a lot of these odd concoctions using processed foods popping up lately. I saw a peach cobbler made with cereal, canned peaches, dry cake mix, and butter (layered just like that, nothing mixed). It looked horrible. I think it’s the modern equivalent of the weird gelatin salads of the 1950s.


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