It feels like forever since my last vacation.  And, quite honestly, it looks like forever until my next one.  But in the interim, I can look ahead and maybe do a little planning.

Here are my Top 10 Vacation Destinations.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to identify all ten.





















So, where am I headed?

13 thoughts on “Identify My Top 10 Vacation Destinations!

  1. Singapore
    New York City
    San Francisco
    New Orleans

  2. 10: Singapore.
    9: New York City
    8: San Francisco
    7: Don’t know that one.
    6: Taipei
    5: Las Vegas
    4: Charleston (only a guess, with the church steeple).
    3: Don’t know. Looks European (particularly with the tram tracks),
    2: New Orleans
    1: Tokyo

  3. I like your list. I just want to substitute a few places for some of your choices. For example I would like to spend a week in a beach house somewhere like Hawaii or even a south Texas beach.

    By the way, I just heard today that it is good for your mental health to start planning a trip for whenever the virus calms down. So dream away!

  4. I’ve been to two of them and sat in the airport of a third. I knew Tokyo would be your #1!

    For #4 I guessed New Orleans . . . then I saw #3 and guessed New Orleans . . . then I saw #2 and guessed New Orleans. I got it eventually!

    Maybe if Michelin published a guide for Australia you’d be interested in coming here? We have some world class restaurants . . . just no Michelin stars, sadly.

  5. I’ve only been to #7 (Madrid) so far, but from all I read from you, I’d say your #1 is Tokyo.

    My favorites are
    #10 Curaçao (it is supposed to be a nice place for snorkeling)
    #9 the Maldives (for the same reason)
    #8 Gran Canaria (in the fall to escape the gray, wet weather here in Germany)
    #7 Cyprus (in fall for the same reason and for the lovely people)
    #6 Eastern Canada (haven’t yet been to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia)
    #5 New Zealand (haven’t yet been there, too)
    #4 Australia, no specific place yet (had planned to explore it in 2020)
    #3 Andalusia/Spain
    #2 Banff National Park
    #1 Vancouver

  6. That does look like Charleston, home of some of the best places I’ve dined at. But could it be Savannah, with even more delicious eats? I’ve been enjoying NYC townhouse walkthroughs youtube and binging House Hunters International. It feels important to plan ahead for that post Covid escape to the City of Lights even as I’m scouring the web for N95 masks. Btw at first glance I thought the headline of this blog was “Top 10 Vaccination Destinations,” oy vey.

  7. I guessed 3 correctly & 4 were in the general vicinity. I would like to go to Norway-the fjords. Italy, Greece, & Croatia for the beaches. & I would love to see the Ukraine & Russia where my family came from. I’ve been to NYC many times (I live in NY) so nah. I’ve been to Georgia- not into the heat. Never been to Asia- I would love to visit. I love Canada too! There are a lot of beautiful places in your country.

  8. My grandmother was born in Charleston. It has its charm, for sure. But cities don’t appeal to me – give me mountains, lakes, rivers, fjords, volcanos, forests, babbling brooks, gardens – you get the idea. The only thing that would interest me in a city are the museums, libraries, and restaurants. But I dislike crowds and noise and concrete, so not a fan of big cities. However, quaint villages and castles and small towns? Yeah, those I can do. Something along the lines a small New England town or a Norwegian fishing village or a tour of Scottish castles, or English gardens – that sort of thing. I am too much the country mouse, I suppose.


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