So who do you got into tomorrow’s games?  I’m rooting for a Bills-Packers Super Bowl.  Failing that, recount of this year’s playoff games that would disallow turnovers south of the Mason-Dixie line, thus setting up a Titans-Saints Super Bowl.

Jonas Quinn!  Fandom wars!  And check marks are bad!  David Reed and and I talk Stargate: SG-1’s sixth season…

Blast off with the crew of the Raza for quarantine sci-fi escapism.

Someone online suggested there should be a Stargate documentary like the one they did for DS9.

I agree. Can someone get on that?

3 thoughts on “January 23, 2021: Saturday salmagundi!

  1. So long as my Bills win and continue on another week, I’ll be thrilled. We’ve only ever been to four AFC Championships in our history, but we’ve won all four! lol (we lost all four Superbowls tho… talk about getting canceled)

  2. Joe I had to tell you…. after Sweet Home we tried out another Korean series, “Kingdom”.
    Wow, just finished the first season. It’s so nice to find something on Netflix that doesn’t disappoint! Can’t wait to watch the second season….

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