Join us later today (5:30 ET) when the gang at Orville Nation and I discuss Dark Matter Episode 201: “Welcome To Your New Home” with special guest star Production Designer Ian Brock!

Okay, what’ll it be?  This –

Or this –

Came across this stash of old Stargate photos taken by Lawren Bancroft-Wilson.  Ah, memories…

Img_9537 Img_9540 Img_9542 Img_9543 Img_9547 Img_9554

6 thoughts on “January 4, 2020: Let’s talk Dark Matter with Production Designer Ian Brock! Stuff from the Stargate Vault!

  1. I meant to ask yesterday Joe… did Akemi make the cute strawberry hat? I have taken up crochet as a stress reliever for lockdown. I’ve been making some amigurumi …. just wondered if Akemi had ever given it a try?

  2. This morning when I saw that hamburger, I would have thrown up my breakfast if I had eaten any! It made me decide to skip breakfast today. Some of the things you post are diet inducing. I’d still try the pie though. (damn Doritos)

  3. No, on the foods. I’m trying to eat healthier.

    Love those pictures! You’re such a people person. This lockdown must be hard for you. 🙁

    How’s everyone hanging in there?

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