In the event you missed it (And I’m assuming you have a good excuse), here is yesterday’s Dark Matter panel discussion of Episode 201, Welcome To Your New Home, with the gang at Orville Nation and special guest Production Designer Ian Brock!


You know my answer.  I was way ahead of the curve!

Well, I just hit the 47 page mark on the Project F pilot, which is great…until you consider the fact I’m still not out of the third act.  At this present rate, I’m going to be at least 10 pages long.  And that’s going to require some MAJOR editing.

In the meantime, just got word today that they’re planning a press release for that atypical fantasy book series adaptation.  Have you figured it out yet?

6 thoughts on “January 5, 2021: In case you missed it! And I was ahead of my time!

  1. Before I scrolled down past that Twitter post, I thought, “Didn’t he already do that?” LOL!

    Eh, just make the Project F pilot a two-parter! Problem solved and you’re welcome. 😉

    I have NOT figured out the atypical fantasy book series adaptation at all. I’m extremely curious, though!

  2. I would totally eat that burger!

    I haven’t figured out the atypical fantasy but I’m still hoping it’s the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne! It’s got an immortal telepathic wolfhound in it for crying out loud!

  3. Pre-gluten-free I definitely would have that donut/burger (or donut/chicken) combo, with cheese. I love a salty-sweet combo, like maple syrup on my breakfast sausage, or cheese with fruit. It really looks good, too.

    Haven’t figured anything out about the fantasy thing. Truth be told, the only fantasy I have ever read is the Elric series, and that was solely for the character. I’m not really a fantasy type…most books I read are either some sort of mystery, or historical nautical fiction. I tend to get bored with most everything else.


  4. No, I have no idea but I can’t wait to find out. There’s been a few series that you’ve recommended through the years. I’ve found some good reads through you. Thank you for that!

  5. My Mom got her first does of the vaccine. Anyone else had their shot? It feels like we are turning a corner. Yes, I know it will be a while before life can return to normal but still. I feel hopeful.

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