Today, Akemi and I received an early Christmas gift from one of our good friends (code name: Black Jack!) in the form of this beautiful custom bento box via Shoushin, home of Toronto’s best sushi!


The bentos were bamboo.


Bento #1: (clockwise from top left) Ankimo, torotaku makimono and tamago, tako with spinach, and shirk.


Bento #2: Anago with sudachi.  Akemi’s favorite!


Bento #3: Chriashi.  Gorgeous, no?

Thank you, Black Jack!

Had a zoom call yesterday to discuss the outline for Project F.  No notes!  It’s both amazing and strange to be working with an exec who not only gets sci-fi, but is probably an even bigger fan of the genre than I am.  I’m on to script!

A week off for my Snow Monkeys as they earned a first round bye with their first place finish.  This week, we root for the Super Spreaders to upset L’s Legit Team, and for the Running Dead to conquer Darren’s Team!

4 thoughts on “December 12, 2020: Mecha Oishikatta!

  1. Those bento boxes are beautiful and look really nice. But Akemi is pretty darn good at putting those boxes together too.

  2. The bento box was beautiful and extremely thoughtful! Black Jack must know you very well to send your favorite dishes. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make us smile. Plus, restaurants need our business right now.

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