As you know, I’ve been debating whether or not I should go to Montreal for the holidays.  On the one hand, I haven’t seen mom and sis since Christmas 2019 and I feel I’d be relatively safe staying at mom’s since she has been in lockdown since March.  On the other hand, I worry that my living in an apartment building at the heart of the city could put my 86 year old mother at increased risk.  I was thinking of precautions I could take – renting a car and driving instead of flying, getting tested prior to leaving – and was discussing this with my sister this afternoon when THIS news broke –


Elderly people living alone are permitted ONE guest – meaning that, if I did go, whenever sis came by, I would have to go outside and wait in her car for the duration of her visit.

Anyway, the decision has been made for me.  This will be my first solo Christmas with Akemi and Suji.

And what are your holidays plans?

While Hollywood sleeps, progress continues on my various projects.  Tomorrow, I complete a first draft of my pilot outline for Project F.  It comes in at a robust 35 pages!  It’s been fun building this rather complex world and characters, and I consider myself fortunate that my commissioning executive is a true sci-fi fan.

Meanwhile, the TimEscape bible and scripts will be going out to a terrific actor in the hopes that he loves the material enough to attach himself to the project.  Fingers crossed because he’s not only talented and would be fantastic in the role, but I hear he is wonderful to work with – which, at the end of the day, is everything.

So, how about a little Yes/No…

12 thoughts on “December 3, 2020: Holidays plans! Projects progress! And a little Yes/No!

  1. My holiday plans sound pretty much the same, unless some things change in our “orange” phase (to yellow) between now and Christmas. I did just hear today that regardless, the province is strongly suggesting that get-togethers be postponed/cancelled. I’m figuring that at least if we go to the yellow phase before then I can at least get a couple of just house visits done with relatives. Our case count in the Saint John region was down to just three today so at least it seems to be heading in the right direction. I’m figuring if things get at least somewhat back to normal, the family get together can wait until January (or later if necessary).

    That sucks about not seeing your Mom, but it’s better to delay the visit a little bit and keep her safe if you have any doubts.

    Vegan Kale Cake with no-sugar frosting? What’s the point? Big NO on that one.

  2. I’m up for the kale cake. Other veggie cakes can taste good, so I’d try it for sure.

    Holiday plans: Hide away safely at home. No church on Christmas Eve for the first time in ages. That makes me sad, but the virus is surging here and I’m trying to stay as safe as possible.

    I’m sorry you’ll miss Christmas with your mum, but flying isn’t safe and you’d feel terrible if you brought the plague to her or your sister. Once vaccines are in wide distribution, you can go see her. Staying home with your beautiful wife and fur child does not sound like a bad alterative to me. You have a beloved human and dog with which to make merry… that’s pretty awesome!

  3. We head back to Melbourne on the ferry Saturday night where we’ll be for the next couple of weeks. We have a family gathering planned for the 13th (of around 14 adults and kids) before we all head our separate ways for Christmas and New Years.

    I’ll be heading back to Tasmania for 2 weeks encompassing Christmas and New Years although I’m tossing up whether to extend it to the whole of January. I might do all of February instead if I can line up some contractors to clear vegetation around the property boundaries and build some fences.

    I’m with GForce on the Vegan Kale Cake. They’ve taken out all the good stuff! The only way it could be worse is if it was also gluten free!

  4. The weekend before Thanksgiving in the states I flew about 2 hours to be with my mother for her 82nd birthday, she had been by herself for months and the several day visit was wonderful but strange. It was strange to only briefly hug her while wearing masks and to also wear masks inside her home whenever I was anywhere near her. I also quarantined my activities for several weeks before my trip to ensure I wouldn’t infect her.

    I returned home and spent Thanksgiving by myself which was strange and I have tickets to fly back to see mom and family for Christmas but I’m not sure that’ll happen and moms annual trip to be with my birthday in January won’t happen.

    Extremities crossed that the vaccine will keep this from repeating next year.

  5. Same as most years, except without the In-Laws visiting all Christmas Day and the massive feast. My entire side of the family lives in the same house (mom, me, son). My wife is one of 7 and 5 live within 20 minutes of our place. The boy has 14 first cousins.

    I suspect it will be a day of massive LEGO building and a nice lunch. Quiet. I like quiet.

  6. Despite in the middle of hot zone, you living in an apartment and technically in quarantine since March with minimal human interactions and had no large gatherings … Sound pretty low risk. But the Quebec restriction is tough.

    Have a few things in mind to entertain myself. I’ll also be having “takeout tour” for most of December. Takeout itinerary in progress. 🙂

  7. Yep same with me. Staying home for the holidays. Just Zoom calls with family and extended family which have been fun. I’m still hoping for the best on your projects. Your scifi projects in particular.

  8. This will be my first solo Christmas ever in my life. And when I say “solo”, I mean “solo”. Sorry you can’t visit your mom this year. You know how much we love going! But if you have any doubts and your government has cracked down, don’t go. Patience grasshopper. (remember the TV show “Kung Fu”?) Eventually it will be safe again. You don’t want to be having graveside visits like I’m doing now…

    In America, all you have to say is “don’t do that” and everybody does that. They got rights! Even some of those in power have trouble doing the right thing.

    Nope on the Vegan Kale cake. I’ve seen all those faces you make when trying Vegan desserts!

  9. I agree, for your mother’s sake … celebrate Christmas at home with Akemi and Suji … and “Zoom” with your mother and sister. I am staying at home, but not sure what to cook. Christmas decorations are up 😉 … Excited about TimEscape … love to know more, break a leg!!

  10. I’m sorry about Christmas plans with your Mom. Or can your Sis set up Zoom/Facetime with your Mom? I read somewhere that Jesus was born in the spring and December 25th was picked to take over a pagan holiday. So, really, you could just pick a random day and celebrate.

    My Mom lives in a cell/internet dead zone. Living out in the sticks has disadvantages. I might run by before Christmas, for a quick visit but we’ll have Christmas at home this year. I’m hoping to get some things checked off our “honey do” list.

  11. That cake looks like a white cake that’s been sitting in a tropical environment uncovered for a week. My mother taught me not to eat things that are that color and texture. That would be a hella no.

    On the other hand, one year I did make a red and green checkerboard cake with peppermint frosting. It was really pretty when it was cut since I used (gasp!) green food coloring to achieve a lovely shade that was attractive. And the only reason it worked was because of the red giving it context.

  12. Le virus est une vraie roulette russe. Je connais une personne de 82 infectée et sans aucun symptôme, par contre 5 personnes sont mortes en une semaine autour d’elle!. Ma mère a 91 ans et nous sommes 4 fils: nous n’irons pas la voir en personne cette année, espérons qu’elle sera encore avec nous l’an prochain!

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