Just a few of that caught my eye this week…


Sacred Six #5 – cover art by Lucio Parrillo


Black Widow #4 – cover art by Adam Hughes


Marvel Snapshots: Civil War #1 – cover art by Alex Ross


Batman #104 – cover art by Jorge Jimenez


Batwoman/Catwoman #1 – cover art by Travis Charest


Strange Adventures #7 – cover art by Evan “Doc” Shaner


Far Sector #9 – cover art by Jamal Campbell


Backtrack #9 – cover art by Marco D’Alfonso

So, which were your favorites?

7 thoughts on “December 2, 2020: Great Comic Book Covers!

  1. “Scared Six” was my favorite. All of them are excellent!

    Do you have stories like this in Canada? https://www.statesman.com/news/20201202/austin-mayor-stressed-residents-lsquoneed-to-stay-homersquo-he-was-vacationing-in-cabo-at-time?utm_source=SND&utm_medium=Twitter&utm_campaign=statesman
    I’ve found a handful of these stories in the US and the UK. I don’t care what political party these ***** come from but I sure wish they would abide by their own recommendations. It’s very frustrating to see all this. People will vote them back in, though. 🙁

  2. This could probably just be that I’ve been spending too much time alone, but those covers (well, the Batman one) made me think that if there are no fiberglass insulation installer companies that go by the name of “Battman”, it’s a huge missed opportunity.

  3. Liked the reflection on the knife held by the beauty on the Sacred Six cover.

  4. Strange Adventures looks intriguing as my interest in Sci-Fi continues to grow, but I do like the Batman & Catwoman cover the best.

  5. Sacred Six is my favorite although I do love the dynamic poses in the Batman and Catwoman cover. They’re so powerful. I wish I could draw like that!

    I’m hooked on a television series at the moment called Portrait Artist of The Year competition. It involves professional and amateur artists painting famous personalities within four hours. It’s just so fascinating to follow each portrait as it slowly emerges as well as appreciating the various styles. I find it amazingly relaxing (and you kinda feel you should have a go too! Heehe)

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