Just finished this series and was, to be honest, pleasantly surprised.  The reason?  Because lately, whenever a show has been talked up to this degree, it’s ended up being a massive disappointment.  For me anyway.  It would seem that critics and viewers are confiscating productions they desperately WANT to be good with productions that actually ARE good.  But this was one of the rare occasions where everyone was right.  Highly recommended.

And season 2 sounds amazing!


I’m also pleased to recommend a terrific book, this one a novel written by Adrian Tchaikovsky who is fast becoming one of my favorite contemporary sci-fi authors.


An astronaut loses more than his way when he and his fellow team members explore a strange alien artefact.

Greatly appreciate everyone who has checked in to let us know how you’re all doing during this pandemic.  Please continue to keep us updated.

Photos from the SGU vault.  Actor Louis Ferreira with the helmet cam!









4 thoughts on “December 1, 2020: Recommendations! And pictures!

  1. I haven’t watched “The Queen’s Gambit” yet but I trust your recommendations so I’ll check it out!

    I’ll also check out “Walking to Aldebaran”. Now that I don’t commute anymore I don’t listen to audiobooks so I have a huge backlog of listening to do. Maybe I’ll pick this one up in the dead tree edition.

    I’m reading Ben Elton’s “Stark” at the moment. A rather prescient 1989 novel about climate collapse and what the richest 1% plan to do about it. It’s supposed to be satire but now reads like non-fiction!

    After 11 months I’ve finally made it back to Tasmania! Instead of walking the streets of suburban Melbourne each lunchtime I’m now greeted with this on my walks:

    No problem with social distancing on this beach!

  2. Hey Joe all good down here in New Zealand – life is pretty much back to normal with no community transmission. The only cases we have are in managed isolation and these are in single digits. We are really lucky! First day of summer today, so all good. Glad you enjoyed The Queens Gambit – I did too, it definitely got better after the first couple of episodes! Hope you, Akemi, and Suji all stay well!

  3. That volleyball article’s a joke, yes? I confess I’m having trouble working out if it’s Onionesque or not, especially when the articles to the right start with a similar Onion-plausible one about K-pop. But then the other articles aren’t so funny. So I’m torn.

  4. Day 261 here feels as scary as day 1, it will be daunting to unpack the stressors long after vaccines are rolled out and we’re looking back to this frightening, sad year, could see myself washing groceries till I’m old the same way my grandparents retained thrifty ways after surviving Spanish Flu, the Great Depression and WWII. I’ll be eternally grateful to the docs, nurses, firefighters, home care workers, teachers, grocers and delivery drivers. So many people have been superstars during all of this.

    My grocery delivery held something more precious and ephemeral than garden pixies and double rainbows: Asiago cheese bagels which I toasted to enjoy with chicken salad and lox spread. Just the scent of it toasting in the oven was heavenly. I splurged on a second toasted bagel with soup for dinner. Gonna try to not have one for every meal but man, so good.

    Queen’s Gambit was such a treat. My fave shows this year were Community, Mandalorian, Lower Decks, Star Trek Discovery, Crash Landing on You and Year of the Rabbit. The Old Guard and Extraction were my fave films and I’m obsessed with The Battle of Versailles and the Slim Aaron’s documentary. I could see myself moving to the beach after all this, I’ve done tons of serious beaching in my life but it is still not enough.

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